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2. Problems in Running Rebel

2.1. Rebel 9 won't run after Installation

A few users (< 1%) reported problems running Rebel 9 after installation. After installation they get the following error message in starting Rebel 9:

    "Program aborted. Install again ..."

This is due to a necessary file, that has not been copied correctly at the installation. Schröder BV offers the program FIX.EXE for this users.

How to run FIX.EXE

  • Be sure to have your original REBEL 9.0 CD-Rom in your CD-Drive
  • It's doesn't matter if you run FIX.EXE from your harddisk or from your floppy disk
  • Run FIX.EXE and type the letter of your CD-drive when you're asked to
  • Now go to your REBEL 9.0 directory or click on the REBEL icon and run REBEL!

Download FIX.ZIP zipped version of FIX.EXE:

2.2. Running Rebel in a Windows environment

In a Windows environment either start Rebel with the option W

or use one of the following PIF files (part of the Rebel distribution):

REBWIN8.PIF limit hashtable size to 8 Mb
REBWIN16.PIF limit hashtable size to 16 Mb
REBWIN32.PIF limit hashtable size to 32 Mb
REBWIN64.PIF limit hashtable size to 64 Mb

The intention of the REBWIN*.PIF files is to run Rebel 9.0 directly under Windows (without rebooting in DOS mode). You shouldn't try to switch tasks while running Rebel 9.0.

2.3. How to create a Rebel Windows Shortcut

Drag your prefered Rebel Windows shortcut (see 2.2.) using the right mouse button from the Rebel 9 directory to your desktop.

2.4. Display Problems

There are known problems with Matrox and Cirrus Logic (CL-GD5434) graphical adapters. Both cards doesn't support a font of Rebel, therefore the Rebel menue isn't displayed correct.


  • press "F6" (CFG menue)
  • press "ARROW UP" 4 times
  • press "ENTER"
  • press "ALT+X" (exit program) plus save changes
The menue is okay from next start on.

Matrox Millenium
There are reported problems with a flickering display, running Rebel in DOS mode, using a Matrox Millenium card. In this case you should download the Vbe utility from the Matrox WWW site.

Some (older) graphical adaptors are not fully VESA compatible. You can bypass Rebel's VESA mode by running Rebel with the "V" option.

    Example: REBEL.EXE V

2.5. Mouse Problems

If you can't use the mouse with Rebel, you must distinguish two cases:

No mouse driver loaded
You must add the mouse driver loading to your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

Mouse support switched off in Rebel
Press F6 (menue CFG), position with the cursor key "ARROW DOWN" to the menue entry "Mouse" and press ENTER. Than position with the cursor key "ARROW DOWN" to the menue entry "Save configuration" and press ENTER again. After pressing ESC, the drop down menue vanishes.

"Illegal Operation" Error
On some machines you get an "Illegal Operation" error in running Rebel 9.0 on Win 3.1 or Win95. This error might be related to the mouse driver in use. As a workaround try one of the following points:

  • use START.BAT to run Rebel
  • disable the mouse in the menue CFG
  • select another mouse driver (probably best hint)
  • Win95 only: boot your machine in DOS mode

See the Rebel 9.0 README file for further details.

2.6. Memory Problems

64 MB Problem
On some PCs with 64 MB of memory, Rebel may report "Insufficient memory". The reason is unknown. The problem seems to be HIMEM.SYS related. You can try the following as a workaround:

Running DOS 6.x
Remove HIMEM.SYS from your CONFIG.SYS.

Running Windows 95

  1. Run Rebel 9.0 by using the shortcuts provided in the Rebel directory (REBWIN64.PIF etc.).
  2. Don't run Rebel 9.0 from the Win95 MSDOS prompt, because this seems to be the problem maker (reason unknown). There seems to be a different HIMEM.SYS behavior under Win95 than under the Win95 MSDOS prompt while having a 64 Mb Pc.
  3. However if you insist playing on MSDOS the only solution to bypass this 64 Mb problem is to follow the exact rules as pointed out in the "Windows 95 (F8 trick)" in the Rebel 9.0 README file.

2.7. Store a Running Game to the Database

If you write/rewrite a running games to the database, Rebel "forget" the actual position. To bypass the problem, press the HOME button and than the END button.

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