- REBEL 8.0 First impressions -
written by Barry Culp

  • General impression
    Rebel is a top notch PC chess program

  • Playing strength
    I think Genius and Rebel are in a class of their own. Despite's it top Swedish rating, I think MCPro is slighly weaker.

  • Database and book functions
    The database and book functions are excellent. I am currently using Rebel 8 to record all my games into a single database. Once done I can create my own opening book based on my games. The PGN import/export database function is very valuable for transferring of chess games to and from other chess platforms.

  • A list of what "I like on Rebel 8.0".
    Power analysis - excellent feature that is unique among the top chess PC programs.
    Database rewrite function - amazing how difficult/impossible this is with other programs.
    Custom colors menu - I think I spend too much time here with all the color options !!
    Database and book functions - very flexible.

  • A list of what "I do not like".
    Can't save options like Playstyle in config
    Clicking on ANY menu button always interrupts Rebel analysis.
    Cant customize chess notation - for example - I would like to use short algebraic notation
    Level Ply play is limited ply to 10 maximum.


    Last update August 10,1996