- Who is who behind Rebel -

Ed Schröder creator of REBEL and founder of the Schröder BV was born in The Hague, the Netherlands. Ed learned chess from his father at the age of 6 and was able to defeat his father one year later. In high school Ed showed a great passion for chess but lost interest after his marriage to Lies his wife. Ed has 4 kids and is an outstanding example of a family man.

In 1980 Ed again showed an interest for chess when the first `personal computers' entered the market. Being an experienced senior programmer and system analyst Ed felt it a challenge to write a chess program just for a hobby. The first performance of his chess program REBEL in the Dutch Computer Championship of 1982 was the sensation of the tournament--a third place.

A few years later (as REBEL was constantly improved) Ed received an attractive offer from the world's biggest Computer Chess Manufacturer at that time Hegener & Glaser. Ed accepted and since 1984 Ed's time has been fully devoted to chess programming.

Robert Kemper was born in 1956 in Enschede, Holland. In high school he showed some talent for chess but never developed it because other things became more important to him.

Concerning his personal life, he mentions his faith in Jesus his Savior as the most revolutionary influence on his life. Of course his wife and their five children are also not without any influence in his life ..... ;)

Concerning his career, Robert worked for several profit and non-profit organizations in which his ability to adapt to different situations and demands was most remarkable.

He has worked now for almost 6 years with the company and his contribution to the program is developing IO and User interface. His love for trouble shooting is so big that sometimes it looks like he is creating extra trouble instead of solving it--but believe us: he's a nice person after all! ;)

Jeroen Noomen purchased his first chess computer (Chess Challenger 7) in 1981. Since that time Jeroen has been involved in computer chess as a writer in computer chess magazines, as a full time contributor to Hegener & Glaser being responsible for the opening books of Richard Lang and Ed Schröder. In that period (1990-1992) Jeroen developed opening books for Schröder programs like Mephisto Polgar, Mephisto MM5 and Mephisto Risc.

After Jeroen's departure from Hegener & Glaser, Jeroen and Ed kept working together. Jeroen developed the opening books for REBEL 6, REBEL 7, REBEL 8 and REBEL 9. Also, Jeroen advises Ed on playing strength issues as Jeroen is obviously the better chess player. Jeroen participated in the latest AEGON 1997 human versus computer tournament scoring 3 of 6...a remarkable score.

Jeroen (age 31) lives in Apeldoorn and besides computer chess his hobbies are music, soccer (Ajax), reading and normal chess. Jeroen still enjoys the 2 world titles REBEL has gained in the past as his contributions were crucial. Also Jeroen likes to read positive reviews of his opening book contributions to REBEL -:)

Gerda Croese was born in 1958 in Winschoten, Holland. After high school she worked for companies in the administration area but after she got married Gerda preferred to take care of her 3 children.

After her kids had grown up Gerda needed a new challenge and took the job Ed was offering here. In February 1995 Gerda joined the REBEL team and since that time she has been responsible for the administration, orders, dealer shipments, available stock, the phone and other things to keep Ed and Rob behind the keyboard improving REBEL.

Manfred Rosenboom was born in 1958 in Herford (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and has studied theoretical physics (QED) at the University of Bielefeld, but changed to computer science in business after his masters degree in 1985 because besides the fun in science, he had to make a living.

Since 1985 Manfred has been a system software developer (mainly UNIX based, but also WinNT since 1997). Currently he is working for a big German hardware/software company and living north of Munich.

Manfred has been married since 1990 and has two children. No surprise (see EPD2diag's splash screen): he is a fan of Douglas Adams' "The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy" (a trilogy, at present in five volumes).

In 1996 Manfred became one of the REBEL 8 beta testers. From that time on, Manfred has had a connection with Ed, maintaining the REBEL 8/9 FAQ, translating text to German, and writing small tools.

Jan Willem Schoonhoven was born in 1972 in Deventer, Holland. 1972 was also the year of the famous match between Boris Spasski and Bobby Fischer. Bobby Fischers performance made the world enthusiast for the game of chess and it was the motive for Ken Thompson (more known of his endgame databases) to write his first chess program (later he wrote Belle).

Jan Willems biggest example is of course Bobby Fischer. Jan Willem bought his first chess-computer in 1990 and since then he is addicted to chess and computerchess.

Jan Willem is in charge of questions asked by email and he designed this site. He works also for NOB Interactive in Hilversum as an software-engineer (

Matthijs van den Berg was born in 1951 at Leiden, Holland. He is married and has one son. Matthijs also lives in Deventer and since years he is the developer for the Schröder BV concerning promotion material such as advertisements, graphic design of the Cdrom's and the house style of the company.

After high school he worked as press-officer for several non profit organizations. Matthijs for more than 25 years has experience in information/communication. Since 1992 Matthijs runs his own company called ADCOM Public Relations, established in Deventer. P.O. Box 222, 7400 AN Deventer.

ADCOM is a full-service company for graphic design, public relations and pre-press. The Schröder BV is one of his regular relations. He enjoys working for it.

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