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On the eve of the restoration of the independence of Lithuania – June, 1989 - representatives of twelve largest companies of Kaunas established a commercial bank and named it Ukio bankas. This name reflected the purpose of the new credit institution – to finance the market of the country that had started functioning under the conditions of market economy. The licence issued to Ukio bankas by the Central bank of Lithuania carries number ‘one’. This witnesses its being the oldest private bank, which was standing at the beginning of the contemporary commercial banking of Lithuania and which honourably withstood all tests that fell to this field.

Ever since its establishment, Ukio bankas has been seeking to fortify its position as a reliable bank open to novelties. The purpose of the Bank is to provide qualified classic and modern services to its clients, be their financial consultants and advisors of their business as well as by all its activity to add to the implementation of the principles of modern Western banking based on fair competition, transparent activity, qualified services in the market of Lithuania.

Sticking to its orientation towards the financing of the economy of the country, the Bank is at the same time strengthening the basis of its philosophy: to be a universal bank providing wide range of services to the companies and residents. The Bank’s aim of universality is matched with the exclusive and combined service of stable and 'club' clients.

Orientation to the ever changing market and the needs of clients influenced by it is one of the cornerstones of the activity of the Bank in all stages of its existence. This leads to the modernisation of information technologies and introduction of new products as well as with the creation of daughter companies in Lithuania and abroad.

A letter from our sponsor:

Dear Chessplayers,

I congratulate you on behalf of AB UKIO BANKAS with the new season of 2002 and wish it to be creative and, of course, successful to all of you. I wish a great number of prizes.

We congratulate not only the players of supported chess club "Baltijos Lyga", but both their partners and opponents in the whole world.
Well, I want to attract attention to the unique match between the chessplayers of "Baltijos Lyga" club and the chessprograms GANDALF, created by Netherland REBEL Company.

Does anybody know the sort of a sport where the people would have to compete with the machines, invented by the programmes. For instance, the football players I'm in touch with, don't have to fight against some robots while the chessplayers must always prove that they are superior than the computers. It arouses wonder and pride.

What a clever and imitable game chess is! If any the most progressive technogies and the strongest processors, computers still can't overcome the man.
The simple chessplayer relying only on his intellect!
AB UKIO BANKAS always supported and lately has been supporting creative personalities and their labour.

That is why I am obliged to wish that the man's wisdom and creation would flash in the international match "Baltijos Lyga" chess club players-"GANDALF" computers either. Let the creators of computers be not angry for I have no intention to cause the horror of competition.
I wish you good business. Let your produced computer programes arouse tendency to cooperation, but not fear of competing.
I once more wish all every kind of success and expect interesting games!

Liutauras Varanavicius
Chairman of the Council AB UKIO BANKAS
President of a Lithuanian Football Federation

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