-  Chess Tiger 15 Introduction -

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The long awaited successor of REBEL 11

After many months of hard work  Christophe Thιron again has managed to create a stronger engine. Chess Tiger 15 combines the strong points of Chess Tiger 14 and Gambit Tiger 2 engines.

Chess Tiger 15 in a nutshell  

• Large opening book by Jeroen Noomen
• Four different playing styles: 'normal', 'gambit', gambit agressive', and 'gambit suicidal'
• ChessPartner 5.2 GUI
• All 3 and 4 man tablebases plus the most important 5 man tablebases.
• Chess Tiger 14.0, 2 GM norms in Argentina, elo 2788, topping the SSDF list of December 2001.

What's new

• Stronger engine, estimated 50 ELO points stronger than previous version.
• Four different playing styles.
• Improved search algorithm.
• Improved evaluation function. 
• New enhanced opening book.
• Support for Winboard II engines.
• Support for UCI engines.
• Multi variation mode.
• New engine import wizard.
• Game result is send to engine, this is to better support learning in some engines.
• Option to change digital clock font and colors.
• Option to use mouse wheel to move through game.
• Option to change internet console font and colors.
• It is now possible to promote and move variations.
• Click / Click move entry.
• Single click smart move option.
• Better display of font based piece sets.

Bug fixes:

• Fixed en-passant bug in Nalimov tablebase handling.
• Fixed some bugs in variation handling.
• Now correctly remembers the last use internet consoles profile.
• When adding book lines for white or black only, they are now
correctly marked as such in the book. Also the score is properly set.
• Corrected the 10th second display in statistics window.
• Result of analyze mode now also shown in score histogram.
• Internet play now also works on chess server.
• Fixed spelling error in stalemate message.
• Now correctly shows stalemate when it is the players turn.
• Promote dialog is not shown for some obvious invalid moves.
• Removed time limit from Engine Research Tool.

Read full details about the ChessPartner 5.2 gui here...

Results, Playing Strength, Reviews

  • Some test results here.. .
  • 17 excellent written reviews about Rebel 11.0
  • Tournaments, matches and other playing strength results.

    Some results obtained during our beta period (thanks to Sarah)
    2 x TB 1400, 5 Piece tablebases, Autoplayed.

    40/40 Tiger 15 Normal Style
    +2 -2 =6 v Fritz 7 001
    +3 -2 =5 v Hiarcs 8
    +5 -1 =4 v Junior 7
    +2 -2 =6 v Shredder Paderborn
    +5 -2 =3 v Deep Fritz
    +4 -2 =4 v Tiger 14.0
    +4 -0 =6 v Gambit 2.0
    +3 -2 =5 v Fritz 7 008
    +3 -2 =5 v Shredder 6
    +3 -3 =4 v Junior 6a
    +6 -1 =3 v Crafty 18.15
    +2 -1 =7 v Deep Fritz 7

    Ordering information

    • The CDROM version of Chess Tiger 15 cost $46. While waiting for the CD-ROM to arrive you still have the option to download at no additional charge. 
    • The download only version costs $39.
    • CDROM upgrade version costs $36.
    • Download upgrade version cost only $29

      Upgrade to Chess Tiger 15 is possible from the following older Rebel or Lokasoft versions:
      Rebel 11.0
      Rebel Century 4.0 Mega
      Gandalf 5.0
      ChessPartner 5.0   (From Lokasoft) 

      When ordering an upgrade be sure to have the original CD-ROMs as this is checked during the installation.

      EC customers add 19% V.A.T. for the CD-ROM versions. Pricing includes shipping and handling.
      Download size is 15 MB.

      Buy now in our online store  or view the REBEL dealer list