- DGT chess board -

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What is the DGT chess board ?

  • A wooden chess board in tournament size with wooden pieces.

  • The board is connected via a USB cable to your PC and is compatible with major chess programs like Fritz and Rebel 11. Finally you can play chess with real chess pieces in your hand instead of sitting behind your PC.

  • The DGT chess board is approved and used by the FIDE during major GM chess tournaments. The DGT external chess board is compatible with Rebel 11, Gandalf 5.0 and the new Chess Tiger 15 and adds a new dimension to play chess against, or with your favorite program.

  • No doubt, the DGT board is expensive but it is the best wooden chess board available on the market, it supports the automatic piece recognition technique for easy set-up positions and automatic new-game support.

  • The DGT board guarantees you years of chess pleasure, is supported by the main chess programs and is something you buy only once in your life, like a Rolls Royce.


  • DGT board ordering

    Order the DGT board in the Lokasoft shop, click here...

  • Producer of the chess board is DGT Projects the producers of the DGT chess clock nowadays used in almost every chess tournament. For more information click on the companies logo.