- ECTool 6.0 new features -

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  • Games autoupdate feature. The program scans your incoming mail looking for PGN records, updating your games automatically!

  • New layout, clearer and easier

  • Tournament Secretary email address field added to the game data header as well as to the Tournament wizard. Useful to send game reports.

  • Spy mail feature. ECTool connects to your POP3 server periodically and advice if there is new mail waiting on server.

  • Carbon copy feature. If you like to send a copy of your game messages to another email address. This will be mandatory in some official tournaments to avoid cheating. Also, you can set up a webemail account where to send this copies. If some user lies and try to cheat you can send your TS the password for this account and he can check it out!

  • Copy to self feature. Some people likes to send a copy of their messages to their own email address.

  • The speedbar can be hidden and has been redesigned, lot of functions moved to the Main Menu

  • The Select Game Dialog shows very much information, days after last reply, number of moves, state icons, differents colors...

  • Backup menu option. To create an archive with your games and mail files. (You will need the latest ARJ32 archiver, freeware for personal use, get it at

  • Send messages using your default mailer. (Still not finished)

  • HTML messages can be viewed with your default browser

  • SMTP and POP3 engines code has been rewritten. Now they may work better and faster.

  • New setup program, Rebel Decade engine for ECTool included in package

  • New menu option in select game window: "Move game", allow send a game(s) to another folder

  • Now folder list fonts can be changed in mail viewer

  • New menu option in mail viewer's list box: "Move messages", use this instead of dragging and dropping if you experience problems. However, the message list browse code has been changed and think the problem has been fixed

  • The dates in the game window move list are in the default short date format for the system where the program is installed, not in the fixed format "DD/MM". Also in the generated messages (excepting ICCF formats)

  • Default buttons in most of dialogs. Changed layout.

  • The Rebel Home Page has been visited times.
    Since November 23, 1995