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Board 1: Marijus Kulvietis (LTU)- Gandalf 5.0 1/2-1/2
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Board 2: Gandalf 5- Kenneth Frey (MEX) 1/2-1/2
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Board 3: Oleg Krivonosov (LTU) - Gandalf 5.0 1-0
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Board 4: Gandalf 5.0- Vaidas Sakalauskas(LTU) 1/2-1/2
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A letter from Marijus Kulvietis

Dear Chessfriends,
Official result:
Match Baltijos Lyga-GANDALF 2,5-1,5
game site:
The unique match was organized due to a friendly cooperation between The Lithuania chess club "Baltijos Lyga" and The creators of a chesssoftware program GANDALF 5.0 The sponsors from Lithuania side AB UKIO BANKAS and Leaders of REBEL and LOKASOFT chesssoftware companies Mr. Ed Schroder and Mr. Lex Loep from Netherland side.
3 international masters have tested the world famous GANDALF 5.0 program:
The best 5th board of Maljorca ChessOlympiad- IM Vaidas Sakalauskas/LTU/ had created a sharp and interesting to view game.
But Gandalf showed perfect defence. And survived.
IM Kenneth Frey the veteran IM from Mexico showed all his experience, but also failed to win. He wasn`t happy with a draw. As Kenneth is a International Grandmaster in corrchess and his perfect ICCF rating-2700-allows him to stay in world top 10 corrplayers.
The only victory against Gandalf was achieved by IM Oleg Krivonosov. The master of endgame technique. Who had realized the extra pawn in a difficult queens endgame after a hard work.
Very good perfomance by Gandalf program against so strong international BALTIJOS LYGA team. Having in mind long time control. When human players have much time for analyzis.
By no means it was a surprise as many chessfans expected more fast victory by human players. And Baltijos Lyga players say Gandalf was surprisingly strong and analyzing very deep.
Also making very unique decisions. By no means one of the strongest program in the world. All club players had GANDALF programs already during the game.
Some games and analyzis will be provided on a dutch page:
Baltijos Lyga page:

A letter from our sponsor:

Dear Chessplayers,

I congratulate you on behalf of AB UKIO BANKAS with the new season of 2002 and wish it to be creative and, of course, successful to all of you. I wish a great number of prizes.

We congratulate not only the players of supported chess club "Baltijos Lyga", but both their partners and opponents in the whole world.
Well, I want to attract attention to the unique match between the chessplayers of "Baltijos Lyga" club and the chessprograms GANDALF, created by Netherland REBEL Company.

Does anybody know the sort of a sport where the people would have to compete with the machines, invented by the programmes. For instance, the football players I'm in touch with, don't have to fight against some robots while the chessplayers must always prove that they are superior than the computers. It arouses wonder and pride.

What a clever and imitable game chess is! If any the most progressive technogies and the strongest processors, computers still can't overcome the man.
The simple chessplayer relying only on his intellect!
AB UKIO BANKAS always supported and lately has been supporting creative personalities and their labour.

That is why I am obliged to wish that the man's wisdom and creation would flash in the international match "Baltijos Lyga" chess club players-"GANDALF" computers either. Let the creators of computers be not angry for I have no intention to cause the horror of competition.
I wish you good business. Let your produced computer programes arouse tendency to cooperation, but not fear of competing.
I once more wish all every kind of success and expect interesting games!

Liutauras Varanavicius
Chairman of the Council AB UKIO BANKAS
President of a Lithuanian Football Federation

Welcome Message

Dear Chess Friends,

In the footsteps of the previous Man vs Machine chess battles against the BALTIJOS LYGA, the Lithuanian world famous chess club, also the home of Alexei Shirov, Rebel Company is happy to accept a new great challenge against 4 of its chess players.

This time no Internet Match on tournament time control, but an even more difficult task for the silicon as well as for the human players, playing 4 official correspondence chess games.

It is a known fact that nowadays top-chess software is able to compete on the highest level on short time controls and experts even claim the silicon to be superior in this area. We can only conform their conclusions and move on, one step higher on the ladder and challenge 4 strong chess players in an area in which it is said the human is still superior, that is correspondence chess.

The frame of this match is 4 games, the human and computer are allowed to think about their move 1-4 days (maximum is 10 days) and further the official ICCF rules will apply.

As software the BALTIJOS LYGA will be faced with the new GANDALF 5 chess program written by Steen Suurballe from Denmark. GANDALF is known it can compete with any other top-chess software on longer time controls and we are very eager to find out how well GANDALF will do in this new type of competition against strong human players when the subject is correspondence chess. A real baptism for the new rising star from Denmark.

As hardware 4 fast PC's will be used for GANDALF, details will follow later. The match is planned to start on January 15, 2002.

Ed Schröder
Director and owner of REBEL Company

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