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The CHESS 2010 POLL clearly shows that people consider Man versus Machine games to be more important than Computer versus Computer.

Due to the absence of strong Man versus Machine competitions Rebel company wants to introduce a new initiative called The Monthly GM Challenge.

The goal is that REBEL plays one LIVE tournament game against a grandmaster once a month. Live coverage including Rebel analysis via the Rebel Home Page.

  • $500 if the grandmaster wins against REBEL.
  • $250 for a draw.
  • No prize money in case of a loss against REBEL.
We challenge every chess player with an official FIDE grandmaster title to take the bite and play our program. You can contact us by email at Mail to REBEL.

Acceptance of entries is done in the order we receive them.

About time control

Playing BLITZ games (5/all) against grandmasters (even against world-top players) is a non-issue these days. A chess program like REBEL has proven that, beating GM Arthur Yusupov and GM Vishy Anand who is known as the world best blitz player.

Year Event PC Time control Result
1997 Rebel vs Yusupov Pentium-II 266 Mhz 5/all 6.0 - 1.0
1998 Rebel vs Anand AMD K6-II 450 Mhz 5/all + 5 secs (Fischer) 3.0 - 1.0

Raising the time control is in favor of the grandmaster:

Year Event PC Time control Result
1997 Rebel vs Yusupov Pentium-II 266 Mhz 15/all 2.5 - 2.5
1998 Rebel vs Anand AMD K6-II 450 Mhz 15/all 1.5 - 0.5

Especially after the match against Anand Rebel Company lost interest playing blitz games and went for the highest challenge possible: playing games (matches) on TOURNAMENT TIME CONTROL only, competing with grandmasters in the area they are still superior, resulting in the Monthly GM challenge.

  • By entering REBEL-BASE ONLINE (just click on the picture) you will find the games (about 20% with analysis) of REBEL against strong and well known human chess players mostly against IM's (international masters) and GM's (grandmasters).

  • At the last update of June 16, 2000, there are 130 REBEL games against humans in this base and most of these games are played on tournament time control.

  • Replay all games against famous grandmasters such as: Anatoly Karpov, Vishy Anand, Arthur Yusupov, Vassily Smyslov and many more famous chess players.

  • All games (including analysis) can be viewed online or downloaded.

  • Results and announcements

  • REBEL versus GM Michael Rohde at May 22, 1999.

  • GM Rohde wins, comments by REBEL's author

  • GM Rohde wins, comments by GM Michael Rohde

  • GM Sorín vs REBEL at July 3, 1999.
  • ˝-˝

  • GM Sorín: The game was very theoretic, similar to Yusupov Anand.

    Rebel opens new ways with Rxc5!. Original and classic computer move is Ne2+. Risky, but very well calculated. Instead of Kh1 maybe Kh2 is better with slight advantage. After Kh1 the game is even, because Ne5 is very good.

    My opennig choice was good, without tactics and complexed strategics plans. Sorrily, the open book of Rebel is very good, and I had not any new move in this position. Congratulations for your strong program, Mr Schroder.

  • GM Michael Rohde versus REBEL at August 14, 1999.
  • ˝-˝

  • REBEL versus GM Alejandro Hoffman at September 4, 1999.
  • 0-1

    Rebel loses due massive hardware problems. GM Hoffman plays a superb anti-computer strategy and fully deserves the win.

  • REBEL against Lithuania at September 18, 1999.

  • BOARD PLAYER TITLE FIDE rating Rebel Century Result
    1 Darius Ruzele GM 2515 AMD K6-III, 600 Mhz 1/2 - 1/2
    2 Oleg Krivonosov IM 2432 Pentium-II, 350 Mhz 1/2 - 1/2
    3 Antanas Zapolskis IM 2399 AMD K6-II, 300 Mhz 0 - 1
    4 Virginijus Grabliauskas IM 2466 Pentium-II, 400 Mhz 1/2 - 1/2

    Rebel Century wins the match with 2˝ - 1˝

    Photo's and comments of the event   

    Replay the 4 games   

    Game analysis Antanas Zapolskis - Rebel Century   

  • Rebel Century - GM Ruslan Scherbakov at October 2, 1999
  •   1-0
    Rebel wins in a beautiful attacking game including a piece sacrifice for a strong king attack. If you don't know the color of the players you will not be able to tell who is the human or the computer.

    View game including diagrams and annotation    Annotator GM Ruslan Scherbakov

    View game including diagrams and annotation    Annotator Jeroen Noomen

  • Chess Column The Age   

    I should, by now, be immune to shocks from advances in computer chess. During the first game of the first match between the super-computer Deep Blue and Garry Kasparov, played in Philadelphia in 1996, I was gob-smacked to see the computer make a positional pawn sacrifice on the 23rd move. Chess computers had always been materialistic beasts, giving away material only for a concrete return, such as forced mate.

    After the game it was revealed that, at the time of offering the pawn, Deep Blue had calculated that it would recover the pawn, with a superior position, in all variations, even though some of these variations were many moves deep.

    Three years later, even commercially available chess software is capable of such amazing feats. Earlier this month the latest software released on the market destroyed a grandmaster in even more impressive style.

    Full story by Chris Depasquale

  • REBEL against Lithuania at October 15, 1999.

  • BOARD PLAYER TITLE FIDE rating Rebel Century Result
    1 Darius Zagorskis IM 2486 AMD K6-III, 600 Mhz (black) 0 - 1
    2 Virginijus Grabliauskas IM 2466 Pentium-III, 500 Mhz (white) 0 - 1
    3 Vaidas Sakalauskas IM 2450 AMD K6-II, 300 Mhz (black) 1 - 0
    4 Oleg Krivonosov IM 2432 Pentium-II, 350 Mhz (white) ˝ - ˝

    Lithuania team wins the match with 2˝ - 1˝

    Rebel Company congratulates Lithuania team!

    Total score Rebel - Lithuania 4-4

  • GM Alexander Baburin versus REBEL at December 4, 1999.    ˝-˝   

  • GM Alexander Baburin about the game:

    My game against Rebel. On the 4th of December I played against computer program Rebel. We played on the ICC and the time control was 40 moves in 2 hours and then 1 hour each. The game ended in a draw after very interesting play. I am very pleased with the game, as I learnt that it's possible to play against computer even in positions, which are rich in tactics. Though in general I have no reasons to complain about my tactical vision, the prospect of playing someone who never errs and can spot your every tactical mistake, horrified me somehow. Therefore, I was quite nervous before the game and its beginning did not bring me any relief, as I found myself in a risky position. You can see that game with brief notes here, while more detailed analysis will soon follow at

  • GM Ruslan Scherbakov - Rebel Century at January 8, 2000    1-0

  • GM Scherbakov about the game:

    My preparation for the game was not quite usual - I refreshed in memory all possible gambits which are known to be dubious, including 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e5?! and 1. d4 d5 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 c5 4. cd5 cd4?! Of course, Chigorin Defence which Rebel played in the previous game was not forgotten...

    I was not much afraid to sacrifice a pawn in this situation. Position is very complicated but in my opinion strategy prevails tactics here. Of course there are a lot of tactics but first of all both sides should play by plans rather than by concrete operations. I saw a couple of Rebel's games and have a strong feeling he much more likes strategically clear situations.

    Unbelievable!!! Obviously Rebel did not consider seriously White's next move after which Black is practically a piece down.

  • Download the game in PGN with full annotations by GM Scherbakov.

  • Four game match between IM Guil Russek and Rebel Century.

    Between December 26 and January 9 in Mexico city IM Guil Russek and Rebel Century played a 4 game match in the traditional GM-challenge style with live support on ICC.

    The match ended with 3-1 in favor of Rebel Century, 2 wins and 2 draws.

    Vicente Fernández organizer of the match:

    Thank you for the years you had invested in your great program. I, as a completely satisfied custumer, will always stay with Rebel (hope to get my hands on Rebel-Tiger soon). By the way, Russek asked me to congratulate you because of "your" match win. "This program is in the 2500 - 2550 GM level; it still doesn´t play some moves which I, as a human, will consider quite distressful, but its steadiness and precition turn the program into a nightmare for every player."

  • Download the 4 games in PGN.

  • REBEL in the Israeli League  

    Rebel Century during the last season together with 3 other chess programs (Fritz, Junior and Shredder) participated in the Israeli League. Rebel in total played 8 games against strong human players on normal (tournament) time control.

    Again Rebel proofed in its natural style and class playing strong humans. Rebel Century scored 5˝ points out of 8 games losing only one game (W4 D3 L1). Rebel Century scored a TPR of 2541 and with this result Rebel (again) was the highest rated computer.

     Database:ISRL-REB   ***   Top 40 perc.   ***
       Name                     Tot       Score          +    ˝    -  Perc  Elo
      1. Malisov,B                1     1.0 -    0.0     1    0    0  100%  2320  
      2. REBEL CENTURY            8     5.5 -    2.5     4    3    1   68%     0  
      3. Har Zvi,R                1     0.5 -    0.5     0    1    0   50%  2507  
      4. Gur mittelman            1     0.5 -    0.5     0    1    0   50%  2443  
      5. Hasidovski,A             1     0.5 -    0.5     0    1    0   50%  2177  
      6. Golod,V                  1     0.0 -    1.0     0    0    1    0%  2566  
      7. Kogan,B                  1     0.0 -    1.0     0    0    1    0%  2445  
      8. Haimovich,T              1     0.0 -    1.0     0    0    1    0%  2276  
      9. Nor,I                    1     0.0 -    1.0     0    0    1    0%  2271  
  • Download the 8 games in PGN format

  • View 4 games annotated by Jeroen Noomen