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Schröder BV is a Dutch chess software developing company entirely devoted to chess. Click on the picture for a company profile.

In 1985, our first commercial chess program named REBEL 5.0, was released in a stand-alone chess computer by Mephisto Hegener & Glaser, Munich, Germany. Many stand-alone chess computers followed, including the well-known Mephisto MM5, Mephisto Polgar, Mephisto Milano, and Mephisto Risc.

In 1991, our microcomputer program the Chess Machine was declared World Champion in the Micro tournament in Vancouver. But that was only the beginning! The next year, in Madrid, an improved version of Chess Machine won the World Champion title for ALL CLASSES. It was the first time a microcomputer chess program defeated programs on huge mainframe computers. The mainframes' domination of computer chess was finally broken!

In 1993, in cooperation with Hegener & Glaser, we released our first PC-based chess program, Mephisto Gideon.

In 1994 we returned to our own brandname, REBEL.

But the absolute peak for Rebel Company came in 1998. On the island Ischia in Italy REBEL 10.0 during a 3-day event defeated second world player Vishy Anand (elo 2795) in a 8 game match with 5-3 using a new algorithm called anti-GM.

We currently offer PC users several products, to name a few:

  • REBEL 11.0, a package of 4 TOP chess engines (Rebel Century 3.0, recognized by most people as the most human alike chess playing program of all, Chess Tiger Classic, Chess Tiger Gamit, a revolution in playing style, Rebel analysis engine running simultaneous with Chess Tiger).

  • REBEL Encyclopedia of Chess, REBEL EOC is a chess tree of 50,000,000 (50 million!) unique chess positions, the biggest commercial available chess tree. The CD-ROM also contains a database over 1 million chess games.

  • REBEL ECTOOL, the best program to play chess by email.

We estimate that over 400.000 people around the world have purchased our chess programs. If you're not one of them, download the FREE Rebel Decade 3.0 (in the Downloadable Software area) and join the Rebel group!

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