- Rebel going for AMD -

main whatisnew download strength features shots subscribe reviews FAQ price list phonelistemail list how to order aegon bench database util epd2diagramj. noomen column DIAZ column misc. older topics comp. profile cartoon mode From July 21 till July 23,1998 REBEL in Italy on the island Ischia will play 8 games against World's SECOND BEST chess player VISHY ANAND.

We are happy to announce that Rebel will play the match on the FASTEST available Pc on the market!

An USA company called KryoTech specialized in high performance business computing will sponsor the match with a KryoTech Cool K6-2 450 (based on a 450MHz KryoCooled AMD-K6-2 processor).

Since REBEL also runs at least 25% faster on AMD chips than on INTEL chips we expect Rebel to run 2 up to 3 times faster than on an INTEL Pentium-II 266 Mhz also due to a 100 MHz system bus (normal is 66 Mhz).

We expect Rebel will hit 200,000 - 250,000 NPS (nodes per second) peaking to 300,000.

For a comparison between INTEL, CYRIX and AMD chips visit the Rebel Bench Mark page. Please note that the figures overthere are strictly Rebel related as other chess programs may perform differently.

More details about this super Pc can be found on the KryoTech page.