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September 1, 2002

Today Ed Schröder known from the REBEL series due to family reasons has decided to stop most of his business activities.

As Schröder BV and Lokasoft have a long cooperation history it has been agreed that Lokasoft takes over most of its activities.

What will change?

For you our (long time) customer nothing. Sales, support will continue as usual as they now will be done by Lokasoft. Chess Tiger 15 will be released soon by Lokasoft. Ed Schröder will have more time to finish his announced REBEL XP Windows version.

All in all we think the new setup and structure of the company will be favorable for everybody which include you our customer.

With kindest regards,

Ed Schröder - director of Schröder BV

Lex Loep - director of Lokasoft

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