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Prices of REBEL products are based on US dollar but are listed in EURO's as MASTERCARD HOLLAND does not support other valuta yet.

To calculate EURO prices to your own currency use this online calculator

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I order the following products:

 GANDALF 5.0                      =  EURO  59,95

 Rebel Century 4.0 MEGA           =  EURO  59,95

 REBEL 11.0 (new)                 =  EURO  59,95

 REBEL 11.0 (upgrade)             =  EURO  44,95

In case of an upgrade order for enter here your registration number. Accepted registration 

numbers are the ones of Rebel 10, Rebel 11, Rebel-Century as found on the manual. 

Registration number  

Older products:

 Rebel Tiger                      =  EURO  45,00

 Rebel Century                    =  EURO  45,00

 Rebel 10                         =  EURO  35,00

 Encyclopedia Of Chess            =  EURO  45,00

 Rebel BONUS                      =  EURO  20,00

 Rebel Gold                       =  EURO  20,00

 Rebel Million                    =  EURO  20,00

REBEL-ECTOOL section (prices is US dollar)

 ECTool 6.0                               =  $   14.95

 Rebel Century 2.0 for ECTool6            =  $   24.95

 Rebel Century 2.0 for ECTool6 (update)   =  $   14.95

 Rebel10 engine (requires ECTool4 and up) =  $    9.95

In case of an upgrade order for Rebel Century 2.0 for ECTool

enter here your serial number. Accepted serial numbers are 

the ones of Rebel-Century, Rebel-Tiger and Rebel10-ECTool.

Serial number  

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Delivery conditions
  • As soon as we have received your payment the software you ordered is shipped to you by priority airmail.

  • Shipment costs are included.

Time table deliveries
  • Europe 1-3 days
  • USA 4-7 days
  • else 5-9 days