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Rebel Century FAQ

The Rebel Century frequently asked question (FAQ) is maintained by Manfred Rosenboom and is available since October 24th, 1999.

In case of trouble shooting enter the menu START and select the README.TXT item from the pulldown. You will find a list of suggestions and also the latest additions to Rebel Century not mentioned in the manual.

The actual Rebel version is Rebel Century 1.2
This version can be downloaded by registered Rebel Century users from the Rebel Century internet subscription area.
Read the Rebel Century Internet Subscription page about how to register.


Topics marked with NEW are new or updated since last major release (30-DEC-1999).

1. General 2. Problems in Running Rebel 3. Using Rebel
4. Rebel Opening Books 5. Rebel Database 6. Encyclopedia of Chess
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Last updated: Tuesday, 01. February 2000