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6. EOC - Encyclopedia of Chess

6.1. What is EOC ?

Rebel Century comes with a chess tree with so much information on a position that we will call this feature the Encyclopedia of Chess or simply EOC.

The EOC chess tree on the Rebel Century Cdrom is created from the 500,000 quality games database that also comes with Rebel Century.

Apart from Rebel Century a special EOC cdrom (REBEL EOC) is available with a chess tree of 50,000,000 (50 million!) unique chess positions. As far as we know this (by far) is the biggest commercial chess tree available.

REBEL EOC is created from a highly improved version of Million Base. This new improved database contains over 1,000,000 (1 million) chess games and is a part of REBEL EOC too provided in REBEL and CBF database format.

REBEL EOC is a separate chess product.

6.2. How Can I Load an EOC ?

First of all: EOC files are also a form of a database, but are in no way related to the Rebel database files (.dat, .ix1, ..., .ix4), so you can't load an EOC file within the Rebel database window.

To use an EOC files, proceed as follows:

  • Copy all the EOC related data into your EOC directory
  • Make sure, that the consult window is open
    (menu item "Consult window" in the "Layout" menu must be selected)
  • Select the function "Load encyclopedia" in the "Data" menu.
    The Rebel fileselector box will appear and you can select the EOC file (e.g. REBEL.EOC) you want to use.

Rebel will now load the EOC file and you will see in the consult window all the available moves, stored in the loaded EOC database, for the actual board position.

6.3. Get the most out of EOC

Rebel Century is able to consult the big standard chess tree within a second. Based on what is found, Rebel Century (on request) will use this data within the chess engine. Since the chess tree is made from Rebel Century's high qualified 500,000 game database, a typical result will be that, when this option is activated, Rebel Century will tend to play all the moves found in the 300,000 database with mainly (grand)master games.

If you want to see the power of this feature do the following:

  • Start a new game
    (press ALT+G or click on button G)
  • Be sure to have INFO on SUPER (menu CONFIG)
  • Press SHIFT+F4 to switch to a good EOC screen layout
  • Be sure an EOC chess tree is loaded
    (see "How Can I Load an EOC ?")
  • Set EOC Use to either Moderate or Strong (menu OPTION)
  • Set level to Analysis (menu LEVELS)

In the INFO window you now can follow the bonus or penalty all moves get when found in the EOC chess tree.

To scroll through the chess tree you simply click on the moves in the EOC window.

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