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REBEL10 comes with a position based chess tree called Encyclopedia of Chess or simply EOC.

The EOC chess tree on the Rebel10 cdrom is created from the standard 300,000 game database that also comes with Rebel10.

The Rebel10 EOC chess tree contains 16,000,000 (16 million) unique chess positions.

Apart from REBEL10 a special EOC cdrom (REBEL EOC) is available with a chess tree of 50,000,000 (50 million!) unique chess positions. As far as we know this (by far) is the biggest commercial chess tree available.

REBEL EOC in a nutshell:
  • Chess program REBEL EOC to access all the big data (limited version of REBEL10)
    • Rebel Decade 2.0 chess engine.
    • A few features of REBEL10 disabled.

  • EOC chess tree of 50 million unique chess positions.

  • 1 million unique (good quality) chess games.
    • In REBEL (.DAT) format.
    • In ChessBase (.CBF) format.
In total over 600 Mb chess software.

REBEL EOC is a separate chess product on Cdrom sold for $59.95 or DM 99 or HFL 99 and is reviewed by:

Goals of EOC

  • Help you to make the right moves based on the statistics of Grandmasters and the chess history of 150 years.
  • If you need help in a position just ask the EOC of 50,000,000 (50 million) unique positions and then make up your mind which move to play.
  • An unique reference for opening preparation because all the major games of the last 150 years are in EOC.

Alternative goals of EOC

  • Allow REBEL to make use of EOC.
  • REBEL is able to use EOC as a normal opening book! Ever seen an opening book of 50,000,000 (50 million) unique opening positions?
  • Allow REBEL to consult EOC and depending what is found REBEL will adjust its play playing the good moves and avoiding the bad moves found in the 50,000,000 chess tree. We believe it makes REBEL a stronger player.
Especially the last option is a total new development in computer chess as the chess engine within a second is able to consult the complete human chess history, draw its conclusions, filter the bad moves and stimulate the good moves.

It's really nice to see REBEL playing pawn sacrifices of Grandmasters on its own because of EOC. Or simply playing 2.c4 after 1.d4 d5 on its own without the need of an opening book. Another nice example of EOC comes from the recent match Rebel-Anand. In the last tournament game the following position was reached.

REBEL10 - Vishy Anand

Position after 10.. Qc8!?

After this move Rebel10 was out of book and played 11. Bb5 a good move as Anand later confirmed. After the game there was a huge discussion in several Internet chess groups. Rebel should have played the interesting pawn sacrifice 11. d5?!

No doubt this is an interesting alternative for a computer to play against a top grandmaster like Anand as the EOC reports 2 won games after 11. d5?! both won for white and therefore REBEL10 (when EOC is active) will play the move 11. d5?! on the 10th ply because of the help of EOC.

Which move is better? 11. Bb5 or 11. d5?! Rebel played without EOC against Anand. Should Rebel have played with EOC? We don't know the answer. Both moves look good. Let's say the last word is up to the better analists amomg us. In the meantime we consider this option as very useful for further investigation to improve Rebel's playing strength even more the coming years.

The information from EOC

Below is an example from the REBEL10 (16 million) EOC chess tree. The chosen position for the example is the start-position.


e2e4 47289  47159  36779 (54.0%) 131227 2375 2404  0.10 B00 Kings pawn

d2d4 40099  42980  27572 (55.7%) 110651 2396 2432  0.10 A40 Queens pawn

g1f3  9894  12610   6795 (55.3%)  29299 2408 2444  0.10 A04 Reti

c2c4  9051  10375   6070 (55.8%)  25496 2402 2438  0.04 A10 English

g2g3   964   1062    677 (55.3%)   2703 2390 2426 -0.05 A00 Benko

f2f4   274    229    345 (45.8%)    848 2307 2271 -0.11 A02 Bird

b2b3   279    253    272 (50.4%)    804 2371 2371 -0.04 A01 Nimzovich

b1c3   132    103    176 (44.6%)    411 2304 2261  0.06 A00 Dunst

b2b4    79     56     87 (48.2%)    222 2309 2295 -0.08 A00 Polish

d2d3    44     36     47 (48.8%)    127 2316 2302  0.00 A00 Mieses

e2e3    29     30     60 (37.0%)    119 2314 2212  0.05 A00 Kruijs

c2c3    18     12     30 (40.0%)     60 2313 2241 -0.05 A00 Saragossa

TOT 108214 114943  78969 (54.8%) 302126 2387 2416   |    |

                                                    |    |_ ECO code

|     |      |       |     |       |     |    |     |

|     |      |       |     |       |     |    |     |______ Rebel score

|                                  |     |    |

|   Won    Draw    Lost  Score     |     |    |__ ELO performance

|   Games  Games   Games  in %     |     |

|                                  |     |_______ Average ELO

|                                  |

|_ Moves in the EOC tree           |_____________ Total positions

With all these information it is not so difficult to find out if a move is good or bad. For example: If a move scores more than 55% and the move is played more than 100 times and the average elo is greather than 2500, then it looks very safe to play this move. As an extra you can also rely on the Rebel score.

But the REBEL concept of EOC goes a few steps further. A second part of valuable information (more text related) is also available . Again the chosen example is the start-position.

e2e4  Kasparov (293),Karpov (413),Anand (532),Kramnik (63),Tal (465)

d2d4  Kasparov (412),Karpov (538),Anand (35),Kramnik (90),Tal (85)

g1f3  Kasparov (57),Karpov (90),Anand (26),Kramnik (226),Salov (59)

c2c4  Kasparov (112),Karpov (115),Anand (12),Kramnik (14),Salov (30)

g2g3  Anand (1),Ivanchuk (3),Kortchnoi (23),Timman (7),Tal (5)

f2f4  Timman (1),Fischer (1),Benjamin (1),Smyslov (1),Bronstein (3)

b2b3  Anand (1),Kramnik (1),Timman (5),Fischer (4),Adams (4)

b1c3  Ivanchuk (1),Christiansen (1),Benjamin (2),Miles (1)

b2b4  Fischer (2),Petrosian (1),Miles (2),Smyslov (1)

d2d3  Kasparov (1)

e2e3  Kasparov (3),Gunsberg (2),Zukertort (1)

c2c3  Benjamin (1)


  • This overview from the chess tree gives you a list of TOP rated Grandmasters who ever played the move and what is more important the number of times the Grandmaster has played that move. Very useful to make up your mind if a move is good enough to play.
  • The REBEL tree keeps track of the world's famous 60 chess players. You will find the names of the super old goodies like Steinitz, Tarrasch, Morphy and so on back in the REBEL chess tree.
  • Also the statistic is interesting for book preparation. Looking at the above output one may conclude Anand doesn't like to open with 1.d4, 1.c4 or 1.Nf3 but clearly prefers 1.e4
Rebel10 will display all these information on your screen within a second for every new position. By clicking on the moves you in the most convenient way can scroll through the whole EOC of 50 million unique chess positions.

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