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1. General

2. Problems in Running Rebel

3. Using Rebel

4. Rebel Opening Books

5. Rebel Database

6. EOC

7. CAT

8. Known Bugs

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1. General

1.1. Introduction

The basic material for this FAQ are the most asked questions (and answers) of the Rebel users to the Rebel team and the Rebel related discussions at the RebelBoard, in the Computer-Chess Club and the newsgroup.

To solve any questions/problems in using Rebel Century, proceed the following lookup strategy:

  1. Read the manual (see the Rebel menu START).
    You can also drag a selected menu item with the mouse button to the question mark box (upper left corner of the screen), to get a context help for this menu item.
  2. Read the README file (see the Rebel menu START)
  3. Read this FAQ
  4. Look at the Rebel home page for further information. Especially useful are the "Tip of the Week" sections, devided in a Expert and a Novice section
  5. Visit the RebelBoard. This is a forum to ask your questions and lookup other questions and answers to this questions.
  6. Mail Schröder BV for further help

1.2. Schröder BV

Rebel Century 3.0 is a product of Schröder BV (headed by Ed Schröder)

    Schröder BV
    Software Development
    Postbus 6365 7401 JJ
    Deventer, The Netherlands
and available since end of October 2000.

1.3. System Requirements

  • CPU 80386 or higher
  • VGA card and monitor
  • Internal memory at least 8 Mb
  • Free harddisk space of 20 Mb
  • Cdrom player

The following platforms are supported by Rebel Century:

  • MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
  • Windows V3.x
  • Windows 95/98/98SE/ME/2000

There is no official OS/2 or MacOS support. Rebel Century may or may not run under Windows NT for unknown reasons.

The maximum of supported RAM (max. hashtable size) is 400 Mb.

1.4. What is New in Rebel Century 3.2 ?

Rebel Century 3.2 is mainly a maintenance release with bug fixes and some new features added:

  • Analyze Selected Games (working again)
  • Analyze Database (working again)
  • Analyze game, now analyses 4 moves (was 2 moves)
  • A stronger chess engine is included, roughly 20-30 ELO better on longer time controls. Also included is a modified version of the PCM personality of Gert Wallander which adds another 10-15 ELO points to Rebel.
  • Bugfixes and new features in the Personalities
    • Loading/Saving now without information loss.
    • DEEP/DEEPER/DEEPEST working again.
    • Added [ANTI-GM] for engine-engine matches.
    • Added [SMART EVAL] for more secure positional play.
    • Added [SEARCH = NULLMOVE] for more secure search.
    • Added [PRUNE] for more effective pruning.

1.5. Rebel Calling Parameters

REBEL A no double games check in autoplay (AUTO232) mode
REBEL B aggressive book learning (see README.TXT)
REBEL L1 use logfile with name STANDARD.LOG (append mode)
REBEL L2 use logfile with name yy_mm_dd.001 (append mode)
Rebel will create a new logfile with every program start.
REBEL L3 don't write a logfile
REBEL S don't show the Rebel Century startup screen.
REBEL V bypasses the VESA mode (in case of problems with VESA VGA cards)
REBEL W1 limit the hash table to 512 kb
REBEL W2 limit the hash table to 4 Mb
REBEL W3 limit the hash table to 13 Mb
REBEL W4 limit the hash table to 28 Mb
REBEL W5 limit the hash table to 40 Mb
REBEL W6 limit the hash table to 60 Mb
REBEL W7 limit the hash table to 100 Mb
REBEL W8 limit the hash table to 200 Mb
REBEL W9 limit the hash table to 400 Mb
EPD filename analyse the position, contained in the EPD file.
The Rebel Century startup screen will be skipped
PGN filename direct load of the PGN file.
The Rebel Century startup screen will be skipped

The hash table limitations are added to avoid swap delays in a Windows Environment. The default setting is W2 (= 4 Mb).

1.6. Rebel Century 3.0 Internet Subscription

All customers of Rebel Century 3.0 (new or update) with internet access can register for the Rebel Century 3.0 subscription area. All members have access to free updates of Rebel Century 3.0, the REBELBASE, part of the Rebel 11.0 Cdrom and much more.
Read the Rebel Century 3.0 subscription description for further details.

1.7. Rebel Add-Ons

Schröder BV offers the following add-ons for Rebel Century:

Rebel Encyclopedia of Chess CD

Encyclopedia of Chess (or simply EOC) is a SUPER chess tree with multiple functions. It will help you to make the right moves based on the statistics of Grandmasters and the chess history of 150 years. If you need help in a position just ask the EOC of 60,000,000 (spelled as sixty million!) unique positions and then make up your mind which move to play. EOC is an unique reference for opening preparation because all the major games of the last 150 years are in the EOC database.

Read the EOC description at the Schröder BV web area for further details.

Rebel Gold
Opening books, containing 12 million book moves, in Rebel format (.MVS).

Have a look at the Schröder BV web area to find out more about this products.

1.8. Free PGN game material

You can find a lot of game material in PGN format at the University of Pittburgh Chess Club's FTP server under the PGN directory. In the subdirectory Events you can find tournaments, sorted by year and event, and in the subdirectory Players you can find games of famous players, sorted by name. You can get a complete index of all available data (PGN, CA, CBF, ...) by downloading the file

Rebel Century 3 FAQ Index
1. General 2. Problems in Running Rebel 3. Using Rebel
4. Rebel Opening Books 5. Rebel Database 6. Encyclopedia of Chess
7. Computer Analysis Tool   8. Known Bugs

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