REBEL DECADE 3.0 is the FREE downloadable version of REBEL 10 in disguise.

Rebel Decade 3.0 will play 200 elo points less stronger than REBEL 10 except on FRIDAY's!

Each friday Rebel Decade 3.0 will play as strong as the real REBEL 10.

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What is Rebel Decade 3.0?

Rebel Decade (since version 1.2) is the promotional program of Rebel Company which will give you a pretty good impression on our current TOP product REBEL CENTURY. Rebel Decade 3.0 is NOT a demo but a full playing chess program for free!

Rebel Decade 3.0 characteristics
  • Estimated ELO rating of 2300 on a Pentium 333.
  • Estimated ELO rating of 2500 on a Pentium 333 on each friday.

  • All database functions of Rebel 10.
  • Database of 4500 recent (grand)master games.
  • Full Rebel 10 opening book by Jeroen Noomen.
  • Small Encyclopedia of Chess (EOC) database of 200,000 positions.
  • Book editor.

  • Direct PGN support (read/write/import/export).
  • Direct EPD support (import/export/automatic analysis).
  • 4-clipboards (read/write).
  • 4-boards option, Simultaneous play, Blindfold chess, Game Overview.
  • On-line manual in 3 languages (English, German, Dutch).
  • Program text in 6 languages (English, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Polish).
  • Programmable shortcuts (buttons).

  • Hash table of 512 Kb but on FRIDAY up to 120 Mb!
  • Engine-Engine autoplayer.
  • Many flexible chess engine settings.
  • Automatic annotation (coach).
  • All screen items are flexible using drag and drop.

System requirements
  • CPU 80386 or higher
  • Internal memory at least 8 Mb
  • Free harddisk space of 10 Mb
Supported platforms:
  • DOS 5.0 or above
  • Windows 3.x
  • Windows 95/98
  • Macintosh using SoftWindows 4.0

Copyright notice Rebel Decade 3.0

The REBEL DECADE 3.0 software (although distributed as freeware) is the exclusive property of the Schröder BV and is protected by Dutch and International law. You are prohibited from transferring this product in any way or form whatsoever. It is forbidden to change, split, sell, disassemble or produce any changed form of this product without the written permission of Schröder BV.

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