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Kenneth Frey - Born in Paris, France 25/2/1950. Finnish citizen. Residence in Mexico City since 1959 and proud of his mexican/finnish son and daughter : Ingmar (23), Karen (21).

The chess struggles started against father at 8. He took me to play in a simul in Mexico against, I found out many years later, the famous (infamous) Whitaker (the same who spent 20 years in Alcatraz).

The tournament debut was late, at 17, but the IM title came in 1975. Retired from active play in 1987,after declining from 2480 to 2405 in the FIDE rating.

Actually returning to live tournaments and participating in the XIII and XIV Olympics via correspondence, among other email tournaments. ICCF rating 2537, provisional, but it still makes me very happy.

Mexican Chess Champion - many times. Highest mexican national rating for over 10 years. Represented Mexico in over-the-board Olympiads :Skoplje 72, Nice 74, Malta 1980, Lucerne 1982 and Dubai 86, mostly on 1st board. Captain/player in Dubai and captain in Novi Sad 1990. Not so good chess for the team mostly, but some travel.

Over 10 years experience writing chess articles for a weekly magazine in Mexico.

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