Impressions after the First Round

"Baltijos Lyga" commentary at a round table

Marijus Kulvietis: The masters of "Baltijos Lyga" club started analysing games a bit too late, that`s why we`ll refrain from making more serious conclusions in order not to look being perfunctory.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: Namely. As a chessplayer i don`t want to be perfunctory. It`s rather difficult to analyse the games of computer programmes and the easiest thing is to describe one`s games when one remembers well what and why was going on the chessboard. When analysing the other people`s game you can`t know what he was pondering over during the game; and that brings you a problem.

And a duel of two computers! If there were, for instance, a "ChessGenius" programmer nearby, maybe he would explain me game of his computer. Now i can estimate only what i see. I can say that "ChessGenius" was holding well against "Gambit-Tiger".I can comment where the movements were bad and good ,and as in every analysis, i can suggest my own version. But i can`t "feel the computer brain part" and tell WHY it made a mistake.

Marijus Kulvietis: Let`s discuss the results, the first impression briefly.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: It`s strange. Although we see machines playing however the event is alike to that of the human Swiss tournament. Nothing left clear after the first round. Who can be favourites? As well as in human Swiss tournament leaders`ll become known only after reaching the middle of the event.

Marijus Kulvietis: Nevertheless, impressions of the first round games, and the playing itself.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: I`ve expected more drawn games, but the fight is going on as if for life:) persistent to the very end of each game even in a clearly draw situation.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: On one side it`s good but on another it`s bad. Spectators like "bloodshed"- that`s good. According to IM Kenneth Frey most games of the first round were lost only because the computers didn`t agree to end in draw in spite of complete evidence of being draw. And that`s bad. They play until one of the enemies loses on end.

GM Andrei Kharlov: Yes, a man would have fixed draw in most games. From the grandmaster`s standpoint it was simply not wise to prolong fighting.

Marijus Kulvietis: So, the first reason why the objective leaders can`t be revealed is that the programmes don`t fix draw and go on "misplaying" until a mistake. But there were nice games to be excluded.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: Yes,eg. My described game between "MCHESS8" and "Rebel-Century-3". It was sincere commenting that the game had an esthetical value. It was worth admiring and there "Rebel-Century-3" proved it`s advantage reliably. Victory was deserved, because it surpassed its enemy. It wasn't accidental. In that case "Rebel-Century-3" may be considered to be a favorite.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: As we have already said it`s too early to come to any meaningful conclusions after the first round. We can neither pick out leaders nor fix any characteristics to any programmes yet.

Marijus Kulvietis: We`ll do it some rounds after. There are 14 left!

IM Oleg Krivonosov: Yes ,we have to wait.

Marijus Kulvietis: All right. Moreover the programmers may make some corrections in their computers for the rest rounds. There`s one more important moment. A great number of chessplayers think "Hiarcs", "Fritz", "Junior", "Nimzo" -and the other long ago known programmes to be leaders.

GM Andrei Kharlov: In my interview to Marijus I`ve mentioned that "Hiarcs" and "Fritz" play on the grandmaster`s level". I consider "Hiarcs" to be the best in analyzing positions. "Fritz" is better counting variants. And I exclude these programmes as the strongest ones. But this is only my personal opinion!

Marijus Kulvietis: But meanwhile Your named favourites presented themselves not very effectively. Only "Junior 6" is doing well from sound programs….

IM Oleg Krivonosov: Everything can change. As I have already told in Swiss event leaders "are screened out" only in the middle of the tournament.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: What can we point from the first impressions-it`s really interesting to observe these persistant fights. At least the spectators can`t complain of the event being bothering.

Marijus Kulvietis: Let`s enjoy the fights. There`s hardly one who can guess the final formation at present time?

IM Oleg Krivonosov: It`s impossible to oversee the final result, let`s leave it for future.


 1. SHREDDER5,            CHESS SYSTEM TAL2.03, 1:0

 2. WCHESS2000,           GAMBIT-TIGER1.0,      ˝:˝

 3. REBEL-TIGER13,        LITTLE-GOLIATH2000V3, 0:1

 4. PATZER311B,           HIARCS7.01,           1:0

 5. SHREDDER4 CHESSBITS,  COMET B27,            0:1

 6. CRAFTY 18.1,          CHESSMASTER8000,      1:0

 7. VIRTUAL-CHESS2,       NIMZO8,               0:1

 8. GENIUS6.5 CZUB-STYLE, FRITZ6B,              ˝:˝

 9. JUNIOR6A,             SOCRATES X,           1:0

10. MCHESS8,              REBEL-CENTURY3,       0:1

11. GANDALF432G,          YACE 0.23,            0:1

12. EUGEN7.92,            ZCHESS 2.2,           0:1

13. ZARKOV4.5R,           GROMIT 3.7.4,         0:1

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