- GM Andrei Kharlov -
FIDE elo 2637




Grandmaster Andrei Kharlov

Andrei is often travelling. We are communicating via internet right now. He has mailed his chess bio very short. But I know so many tournaments he had won.... I can name very many of his trophies :)

But this would be a long publication then. I hope it is enough to say his famous name, rating and no comments will be needed.

I`m glad we have friendship as Andrei is a stabile player, friendly and erudite person. You can see him in a photo with a golden medal with Lithuanian players:) This happened when "Baltijos Lyga" club has won Lithuanian club championship in 2000 with Andrei in our team.

Now I will provide the main facts of his chess career as he had written in his letter exactly:
  • 1990-Russia championship-tied 1-5 place.
  • 1991-USSR championship under 26 y/o in Kherson -1-3 place.
  • 1991-World team championship under 26y/o in Brasil 1st place with a USSR team.
  • 1996-Eurocup winner with Kazan chessclub team.
  • 1998-Russian Club cup-1 place with Kazan team.
  • 2000-Russia national championship in Samara-tied 2-6 place.
  • 2000-First individual European championship in Saint Vincent 1-4 places.
  • Grandmaster since 1992.
As we see many tied prizes. Yes-Andrei is always joking he needs a 1/2 point more. And it happens so often that he had got accustomed to this fate:)

Marijus Kulvietis
president of the Baltijos Lyga Chess Club

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