by Marijus Kulvietis
president of the Baltijos Lyga Chess Club




Here in the photo i say hello from the centrum of Vilnius, Lithuania. My name is Marijus Kulvietis. I`m runing duties of a president of a Lithuanian chessclub "Baltijos Lyga".

I congratulate the Chessfans all over the world! Our club is strong as it has members from many countries and even continents. We are creating international events and among them I want to point out our special and stabile friendship with REBEL company.

We have a unique experience of a team matches vs REBEL computers, see the REBEL pages and on our own home page.

This fact and also a fact that our members are playing in ICCF events, simply the fact that our members are famous GMs and IMs participating in great tournaments-make clear our interest in a computer chess! Simply because every good player has chessprograms today.

Preparing for a battle with a help of Chessbase, searching for opponent`s games in some Rebel Century databases and trying to analyze possible variations with Rebel, Fritz, Hiarcs....and other chessplaying programs....

Our club congratulates the Odyssey tournament as a great job and very useful event. We are all curious what changes the chessprograms have made, what level is reached by them. Our club will try to support this nice event as possible. Our titled members will share their experience and opinion commenting the computers chess in general, the concrete programs, the results of the Odyssey event.

Our club member and my good friend IM Kenneth Frey has kindly agreed to annotate all the tournament games. This makes me to hope You will have an easy task-just to follow his comments. Kenneth has "easy" hand and I hope after his work You will have clear picture on what is happening. Thanks to our great player for his huge work.

Also Your comments, remarks, wishes are welcomed. Feel free to mail to us: Our task is to help chessfans to follow events and also to have interesting dialog about the impression on some interesting moments.

Our club members live in Mexico, USA, Spain, Latvia, Russia and Lithuania. For this reason we need some time for our other members to join with their comments, analyses, impressions. Let the show to go on :) and James Bond...oops.. "Baltijos Lyga" will return soon :)

Marijus Kulvietis

"Baltijos Lyga" team after wining the Lithuanian club`s championship 2000.

Left to right:
  • GM Andrei Kharlov
  • IM Antanas Zapolskis
  • GM Darius Ruzele
  • IM Vaidas Sakalauskas
  • Dainius Grigutavicius
  • Marijus Kulvietis
  • IM Oleg Krivonosov

The member list of the Baltijos Lyga Chess Club:

 1 Aleksej Aleksandrov		GM 2602		Belorussia 

 2 Alexei Fedorov		GM 2684		Belorussia

 3 Alexei Shirov		GM 2751		Spain

 4 Andrei Kharlov		GM 2616		Russia

 5 Andrei Kovaliov		GM 2490		Belorussia

 6 Antanas Zapolskis		IM 2399		Lithuania

 7 Dainius Grigutavicius	   2176		Lithuania

 8 Donatas Kisonas				Lithuania

 9 Marijus Kulvietis				Lithuania 

10 Mindaugas Genutis				Lithuania 

11 Darius Ruzele		GM 2515		Lithuania

12 Darius Zagorskis		IM 2486		Lithuania

13 Laurynas Zaveckis		   2255		Lithuania

14 Oleg Krivonosov		IM 2432		Latvia

15 Simonas Streikus		   2267		Lithuania

16 Tomas Veschiunas				Lithuania 

17 Vaidas Sakalauskas		IM 2450		Lithuania

18 Valdejus Vytartas				Lithuania

19 Viktor Bologan 		GM 2589		Moldavia

20 Virginijus Dambrauskas	IM 2336		Lithuania

21 Virginijus Grabliauskas	IM 2466		Lithuania

22 Vytautas Plunksnis				Lithuania 

23 Laurynas Zaveckis		   2255		Lithuania

Honour Members

 1 Ari Ziegler			IM 2404		Sweden

 2 Edvins Kengis		GM 2574		Latvia

 3 Kenneth Frey 		IM 2405		Mexico

 5 Ralf Akesson			GM 2535		Sweden

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