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The newest version of the REBEL chess engine is now available for ECTool.

ECTool is the best chess software for management of playing correspondence or email chess. The following are some of the most important features of the program:

  • Keep a database of games in progress and already completed, displaying the games in tabular form and showing them in a graphical Bookup (tm) style chess board. The game list show a flag regarding in which game is your turn to play.

  • Automatic creation of messages, in the various formats usually used in correspondence chess, in PGN format, in a simple text format, numeric (the official format of the ICCF - The International Correspondence Chess Federation), with the option of editing the message created, adding text and a signature, carbon copies etc.

  • Single and practical address book incorporated.

  • Authomatic game file transfer. This feature allows to play against another ECTool user receiving the game file attached to the email messages, then, the board will be updated authomatically.

  • Keep track of messages sent and received, with a single (and secure) message database.

  • Import/export games to and from PGN format. It also allows the updating of games being played from games received in email messages and pasted to the clipboard.

  •    Click picture to enlarge (100 kb)

    Click here to view the newest features of ECTool 6.0.

  • The new ECTool 6.0 (release June 2000) has now been enriched with the latest REBEL chess engine called REBEL CENTURY 2.0 which is meant as the successor of the REBEL10 engine for ECTool 4.0 and up.

  • Screenshots ECTool with Rebel Century 2.0 click picture to enlarge (100 kb)


    New engine features:

  • Stronger chess engine. Rebel Century 2.0 in general is about 3-3 times faster as Rebel10 and about 2 times faster as Rebel Century 1.2.

  • Hash table support extended up to 400 Mb!

  • Added opening book support. Since you will get access to REBEL SUBSCRIBE you can download the latest large Rebel opening books.

  • Personality support. Create your own personality and change REBEL into the chess player you prefer. For all the infinite possibilities we refer to this page where you will find many graphical examples of what the Personality feature is able to.

  • Download the 7 winning personalities from the $2000 contest and change Rebel Century 2.0 into a tactical bomb or a very fine positional player. Download via REBEL SUBSCRIBE

  • Log file support. View Rebel's analysis results. Example.

  • MULTI engine concept

    Screenshot Rebel Century 2.0 analyzing 3 positions at the same time, click picture to enlarge (100 kb)

  • Good news for people who have a dual or quad PC. ECTool with Rebel Century 2.0 is able to analyze more than one position (or game) at the same time at full speed.

  • But also if you have a normal (one processor) PC you can fire up more than one Rebel. In this case the processor time is spread over the number of active Rebel engines. In the above screenshot Rebel Century 2.0 is analyzing 3 positions at the same time on a normal (one processor) PC.

  • Besides analyzing positions or games the "MULTI engine concept" can be very useful to decide which "Personality" (or playing style) you like most or in your opinion is simply the best. Just analyze a game or position, one with the default personality and lauch the same game (or position) with for instance the "Kasparov" personality and watch the results of both Rebel's on your screen.


    Rebel is famous for its playing strength but especially for its deep positional understanding. Therefore the quality of the returned analysis is simply high and most of the time very reliable. It's often said Rebel offers you the best analysis quality of all. More.

    Rebel Century 1.0 during the 1999-2000 season together with 3 other chess programs (Fritz, Junior and Shredder) participated in the Israeli League. Rebel in total played 8 games against strong human players on normal (tournament) time control. Again Rebel proofed in its natural style and class playing strong humans. Rebel Century scored 5 points out of 8 games losing only one game (W4 D3 L1). Rebel Century scored a TPR of 2541 and with this result Rebel (again) was the highest rated computer. More.

    Rebel Century 1.2 during 1999-2000 played several games on tournament time control (considered as the last straw of human kind) against strong grandmasters with as highlight the game against Vassily Smyslov former world champion. More.

    Improved tactics. A comparison between the precursor versions Rebel Century 1.2 and 1.0. The new Rebel Century 2.0 scores about 40 elo points higher than Rebel Century 1.2 and about 55 elo points higher than Rebel Century 1.0 (cdrom version). More.


    In general ECTool 6.0 costs EURO 15 ($14.95) and the Rebel Century 2.0 engine EURO 25 ($24.95).

    Upgrading to Rebel Century 2.0 is EURO 15 ($14.95) and is possible if you already have one of the below Rebel's.
    • Rebel Century
    • Rebel Tiger
    • Rebel 10 for ECTool
    Needless to say that ECTool 6.0 is required to use the Rebel Century 2.0 chess engine.

    ECTool 6.0 + Rebel Century 2.0 EURO 40.00 $ 39.95
    ECTool 6.0 + Rebel Century 2.0 (update) EURO 30.00 $ 29.95
    Rebel Century 2.0 engine EURO 25.00 $ 24.95
    Rebel Century 2.0 engine (update) EURO 15.00 $ 14.95
    Rebel 10 engine (requires ECTool 4.0 and up) EURO 10.00 $ 9.95

  • Orders are taken on-line via VISA or MASTER EUROCARD payments.

  • Distribution of your order by download as soon as we have received your payment. Usually the ordering process takes 1 or 2 working days.

  • System requirements:

  • CPU 80386 or higher.
  • Internal memory at least 32 Mb.
  • Windows 95/98/2000/NT.
  • ECTool 6.0.


  • Rebel Century 2.0 for ECTool 6.0 will become also available on cd-rom somewhere in August. Included on cd-rom is also Rebel Decade 3.0 with a large database of 500,000 games and an EOC database of 20,000,000 positions. Last but not least the newest EPD2DIAG version (not ready yet) will support the new Rebel Century 2.0 engine too will be included.

  • Price of the cd-rom: EURO 40,00 or $ 39.95

  • Upgrade from Rebel-Century, Rebel-Tiger: EURO 30,00 or $ 29.95

  • Product name: REBEL-ECTOOL.

  • More info will follow soon, stay tuned.

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