- REBEL against strong humans -

Here you will find results of REBEL against strong and well known human chess players mostly against IM's (international masters) and GM's (grandmasters).

Base will be the yearly AEGON Man versus Machine tournament where 50 computers and 50 strong human chess players compete in 6 rounds. In the last AEGON tournament of April 1997 12 GM's and 11 IM's participate!

An early version of REBEL 9.0 did very well this year. REBEL played against 4 IM's and 2 GM's and scored 4.5 points which was good for a TPR (tournament performance rating) of 2619 ELO!

In round 3 REBEL played an exciting game against Sofia Polgar. In a clearly won position for REBEL Sofia found a beautiful defense facing REBEL with a very difficult ending. After 120 moves REBEL finally saw the win but then the operator of REBEL made a terrible blunder by offering Sofia a draw!

She looked surprised, smiled and of course accepted the draw. Counting this game also as a win REBEL actually scored 5 out of 6 with an ELO of over 2700!

Also on the opening ceremony of AEGON '97 REBEL did very well. In a clock simultan REBEL beat top grandmaster Jan Timman in 22 moves but lost without chance from world number 2 chess player Viswanathan Anand.

REBEL does very well against humans. Looking at the results of the last 4 years at AEGON we see an increasing TPR due to software and hardware improvements.

  • AEGON 94: ELO 2470 (Rebel6)
  • AEGON 95: ELO 2473 (Rebel7)
  • AEGON 96: ELO 2530 (Rebel8)
  • AEGON 97: ELO 2619 (Rebel9)

  • The Games

  • REBEL 9.0 at Aegon 1997, 4 points TPR 2619

  • Rebel 8.0 at Aegon 1996, 4 points TPR 2530

  • Rebel 7.0 at Aegon 1995, 4 points TPR 2473

  • Rebel 6.0 at Aegon 1994, 4 points TPR 2470

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