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Here you can download Rebel related utilities and data.

  • REBEL DECADE 3.0 is the full functional Rebel 10 chess program (from 1998) in disguise. Rebel Decade 3.0 only limitation is that it will play 200 elo points less stronger except on each friday when it will play at full strength.
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  • EPD_TO_DIAG used as the standard program to view, create, maintain EPD databases, make diagrams and quick analysis. Available chess engines, Rebel and Crafty.
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A nice selection of hand tuned opening books made by Jeroen Noomen
FULL analysed opening books, 21 massive THEME based opening books fully analysed by Rebel on 6 PC's over a period of 3 months. In total 10 Mb opening theory for download.
Use "Load Opening Book" to load an opening book. For the best viewing results turn OFF the "Tournament Book" and "User Book" options. All function are available from the "BOOKS" menu.
  • The best games of Chess 1984-1998 (350 games) according to the votes of Grandmasters and readers of Chess Informant. More...
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  • Super tournaments, category 18 and higher. The strongest tournaments ever. In total 1364 games. More...
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  • World Championship games 1886-1998. Unique database of the World Champion cycle from 1886 till 1998. In total 8121 games In 181 different WC events (izt, ct, cm, wch-m etc.) Top quality. More...
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  • Vishy Anand player collection, offered as a free download to all visitors because of the Anand-Rebel match. More...
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  • Vassily Smyslov player collection and Smyslov opening repertoire offered as a free download because of the Smyslov-Rebel match. More...

  • REBEL player collection, all games Rebel played against strong and well known human chess players mostly against IM's (international masters) and GM's (grandmasters). About 130 games, the most important ones are fully annotated. More...
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  • ECO-BASE is meant for serious opening practice. ECO-BASE is a database of 2000 opening names sorted on ECO code (A00-E99) to learn and practice opening theory. Just go to the database with ALT_L or the [L] button, load the opening(s) you want to practice and scroll through the game(s). Download

  • Textfile of all ECO codes (A00-E99) with full opening names and moves as used in Rebel Software. Download

  • DBUTIL 2.5 is a powerful database utility that gives you a whole range of extra possibilities above the normal Rebel database functions. DBUTIL is for the experienced database lover. More...
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  • EOC Chess Tree Builder is an utility to create your own EOC chess trees and use them within Rebel. The needed information how to use the EOC utility is found in the textfile EOC.TXT. Download

  • Kasparov EOC Opening repertoire Garry Kasparov. Download
  • Anand EOC Opening repertoire Vishy Anand. Download
  • Fischer EOC Opening repertoire Robert Fischer. Download

Usage: open EOC databases with "Load EOC" (menu DATA) and make sure you have a suited layout loaded (shift_F2 or shift_F4).
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