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To use the ChessTutor applet, simply make a selection from the list shown below. A new window displaying a chess board should appear. Use the provided buttons to play or re-play each move.

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Index of Game Files in This Selection

 File   Description 
 aegon97.pgn   Rebel 9.0 at Aegon 1997 ELO 2619! 
 Annotated by  
 aegon96.pgn   Rebel 8.0 at Aegon 1996 ELO 2530 
 aegon95.pgn   Rebel 7.0 at Aegon 1995 ELO 2473 
 aegon94.pgn   Rebel 6.0 at Aegon 1994 ELO 2470 
 karpov.pgn   Mephisto Chess Challenger (Rebel) versus Anatoly Karpov 
 rebel8.pgn   Rebel 8.0 versus GM Ralf Akesson 
 r8vsr9.pgn   Rebel 9.0 versus Rebel 9.0 (engine improvements) 
 r9vsh6.pgn   Rebel 9.0 beauties from the Autoplayer series 

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