- Rebel vs Anand LIVE page -

On July 22 and July 23 you can follow the 2 tournament games between Rebel and Vishy Anand LIVE here on this page. Please bookmark this page now!

Rebel10 (experimental) will play against Vishy Anand including the special anti-GM settings.

Rebel10 (experimental) will play on an AMD 450 Mhz sponsored by Kryotech running under Windows 98 with 60 Mb hash tables.

The start of the 2 LIVE games will be announced later.

There is NO NEED to press the REFRESH button of your browser. Moves played by Vishy Anand and Rebel will automatically appear on your screen.

Rebel will include its analysis (time, main variation, ply depth, score) on the screen.

For results, analysis, games and comments on the 6 blitz games between Rebel and Anand check the July 21 (day one) page.

Analysis and comments on the first tournament game can be found on the July 22 (day two) page.

Analysis and comments on the second tournament game can be found on the July 23 (day three) page.

To use the ChessTutor applet, simply make a selection from the list shown below. A new window displaying a chess board should appear. Use the provided buttons to play or re-play each move.

This page requires a Java enabled browser.

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