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On this page you will find the games (some with analysis) of REBEL against strong and well known human chess players mostly against IM's (international masters) and GM's (grandmasters).

At the last update of 16.06.2000, there are 130 REBEL games against humans in this base.

 File   Description (Index of Games) 
 mgc.pgn   Monthly Grandmaster Challenge
Due to the absence of strong Man versus Machine competitions Rebel company introduced a new initiative called The Monthly GM Challenge (8 games, 1999/2000).
 lith.pgn  REBEL vs. Lithuania Team-Challenge
The REBEL vs. Lithuania event was a very special one. REBEL CENTURY played against the top of the Baltijos Lyga chess club (located in Lithuania) on 4 boards. The event was broadcasted on Lithuania radio and televison. Saturday September 18, 1999 and Friday October 15, 1999.
 anand.pgn   REBEL against Viswanathan Anand 5-3
From July 21 till July 23,1998 REBEL in Italy on the island Ischia played 8 games against World's second best chess player Vishy Anand. In 3 days REBEL competed with Viswanathan (Vishy) Anand on the highest level. The most exciting question was if a normal commercial available chess program running on a normal PC is able to compete with the human chess TOP. In all 8 games REBEL played very attractive chess resulting in a 5 -3 victory for REBEL. Spectators said that REBEL played very human alike and that they hardly could believe a computer was playing these games.
 isr2000.pgn   REBEL in the Israeli League
REBEL CENTURY during the last season together with 3 other chess programs (Fritz, Junior and Shredder) participated in the Israeli League. REBEL in total played 8 games against strong human players on normal (tournament) time control. Again REBEL proofed in its natural style and class playing strong humans. REBEL CENTURY scored 5 points out of 8 games losing only one game. REBEL CENTURY scored a TPR of 2541 and with this result REBEL (again) was the highest rated computer.
 yusupov.pgn   REBEL against Artur Yusupov 10 - 6
From June 2 till June 5,1997 Rebel in Italy on the island Ischia played 18 games against topplayer Arthur Yusupov. After the match Yusupov said the following about his computer opponent: REBEL is a very strong program. In all games REBEL played sensible moves.
 aegon.pgn   REBEL at AEGON 1993-1997
The yearly AEGON Man versus Machine tournament where 50 computers and 50 strong human chess players compete in 6 rounds. REBEL does very well against humans. Looking at the results of the last years at AEGON we see an increasing TPR due to software and hardware improvements.
AEGON '94: ELO 2470 (Rebel 6.0)
AEGON '95: ELO 2473 (Rebel 7.0)
AEGON '96: ELO 2530 (Rebel 8.0)
AEGON '97: ELO 2619 (Rebel 9.0)
 rusek.pgn   REBEL vs. Guil Russek 3-1
Between December 26, 1999 and January 9, 2000 in Mexico City IM Guil Russek and REBEL CENTURY played a 4 game match in the traditional GM-challenge style with live support on ICC. The match ended with 3-1 in favor of REBEL, 2 wins and 2 draws.
 misc.pgn   Other REBEL against humans games from misc-events
Harvard man vs. machine tournament, Copa Samanel, rapid-match against Anatoly Karpov and some open-tournaments.

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