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BOOK LEARNER patch   (March 2, 2000)

REBEL-TIGER recently lost its first place in the SSDF competition (now being second) due to a bug in the book-learning part which caused REBEL-TIGER to lose 10-12 times in a row playing the same bad opening line time and time again.

In you are fan of auto232 matches against other computer chess programs then download the file CTFIX.ZIP and unzip the archive in the root directory were you have installed REBEL-TIGER, usually:
The patch has been send to the SSDF people and REBEL-TIGER will play its games with the patch from now on.

REBEL-TIGER and LCT-II   (february 11, 2000)

The LCT-II test is a set of 34 positions divided in 3 categories:
  • Positional
  • Tactics
  • End game
To run the LCT-II test each position is entered into the computer and the a chess program is forced to think on the position for 10 minutes. After processing all 34 positions a formula is used to calculate an ELO rating for the program in question.

Amador Cuesta chess journalist from Spain reports:

Rebel Tiger on an Athlon at 1000 MHz with 256 MB of SDRAM gave me an incredible result of 2.770 ELO points in the restrictive LCT-II test.

It got some incredible 790 points, the highest ever reached by any PC program, as follows:
  • 310 (!!) points in positional
  • 285 in tactical
  • and 195 points in endings.

Some REBEL-TIGER hints   (february 7, 2000)

You can easily copy and paste EPD positions or even paste entire games into REBEL-TIGER for a super fast quick analysis. Do as follows:
  • EPD: Store the EPD position you want to analyze in the Windows clipboard (CTRL_C), switch to REBEL-TIGER and paste the position into REBEL-TIGER (CTRL_V) and analyze the position.

  • PGN: Store the moves of the game in the Windows clipboard (CTRL_C), switch to REBEL-TIGER, press the NEW_GAME button first and paste the moves into REBEL-TIGER (CTRL_V) and analyze, replay the game.

The histogram gives you at a (single) glance the critical phase of the game. To go to the critical phase just click in the histogram and REBEL-TIGER will go to the move number you have chosen. All very satisfying.

Analysis results (such as main-variations) can be easily ported to other applications. Just click on the main-variation you want to port and press the COPY button (or use CRTL_C), then switch to the other application and paste the information. In case you want to port more main-variations (or all) then hold down the CTRL key while you make your selections. These are all standard Windows operations.

If you want to port a complete game (you just played) to another application then click RIGHT in the move-list-window and click COPY, then switch to the other application and paste the information.

An even stronger REBEL-TIGER

January 21, 2000

The chess engine of REBEL-TIGER is the 100% identical version that currently tops the Swedish computer list. During the BETA period a few more improvements to the chess engine were made resulting in an even more stronger chess engine.

Estimated SSDF improvement: 20-25 ELO points.

To awake the stronger Tiger edit the CT.INI file as follows:
  • NSEW=1

  • MoreSel=1
The CT.INI file is located