- EPD2diag History -

V1.5P5 02-NOV-1998 (Preview 5 of EPD2diag V1.5)

  • Multi language support
    The menues can now be switched between English and German at runtime.
  • WinHelp file added
    This is only a rough first version. It must be heavily rewritten for the final release.
  • Improved PGN export
    Optionally the id and bm opcodes are used as the white and black player's name. Also the bm opcode value can be used as first move in the PGN move part.
  • Drag & Drop of EPD files enabled
    You can now drag a file from the explorer window to the EPD2diag main window.
  • Normalize EPD line position information
    EPD2diag tries to transform the position information into EPD compliant format.
  • EPD server functionallity added
    You can add EPD line to EPD2diag via the WM_COPYDATA windows message.
    This feature isn't yet described. A Delphi 2 VCL for using this feature is available on demand.
  • Improved PGN import
  • Optional Nimzo98 like PGN export
  • HTML board with coordinates (optional)
  • Bug fixed in RTF export
    My special thanks to Eric Bentzen and Armando Hernandez Marroquin for their most valuable help.

V1.4a 07-FEB-1998

  • Bugs fixed in ECT import
  • Rebel engine support improved on slower machines
    The Rebel engine support in V1.4 was unfortunately some kind of speed optimized, with the result, that it is impossible to use the Rebel engine for analysing single EPD lines on "slower" CPUs (P133, P100, P90, P75, ...).
    See the manual (EPD2diag.txt) for more details.

V1.4 01-FEB-1998

  • Support added for the official Rebel Decade 2 and Rebel 9 engines for EPD2diag
  • Analyse complete EPD file with a Rebel engine
    This can be used in parallel to the single position analysis.
  • Optional show logfile, in case of PGN import errors
  • Import ECT: Now show ECT file header for easier game selection
  • Severe PGN import bugs fixed
    My special thanks to Clint Weathers for his sample PGN file.
  • Some smaller bugs fixed

V1.3 21-DEC-1997

  • Edit of EPD opcodes
    Most of the EPD opcodes, described in the EPD standard are now supported for editing. Due to space limitations, the following opcodes aren't supported in the moment:
    c7, c8, c9, v6, v7, v8, v9
  • Copy/save position in RTF format to clipboard/file, using true-type fonts
    New chess fonts are supported by simply extending the INI file ChessFonts.ini
  • Import a game from a PGN file
  • Import Rebel 9 analysis to EPD line
    Rebel 9 uses the pv EPD opcode, to store the analysis result. This opcode will be added/substituted to the used EPD line.
  • Show progress in saving position as GIF file
    This is added, due to the very slow GIF converting routine. If you don't like the progess box, add the parameter ShowProgress=0 to the "[Settings]" section.
  • Show Rebel engine analysis results in an own window
  • Bug fixed for alrady running Rebel engine
    Pass a new position to an already ruuning Rebel engine reported an error, but switched the engine to the new position.

V1.2c 02-NOV-1997

  • EPD2diag use now also a SETUP.EXE program
  • Copy position as HTML table to clipboard
  • Undo buffer added for deleting/substituting EPD lines

V1.2b 15-OCT-1997

  • Copy actual board position in PGN format to clipboard
  • Import (paste) EPD lines from clipboard into file
  • Primitve print support for the chessboard bitmap representation
  • The manual can now be loaded from within EPD2diag
  • The complete PGN standard and a FEN/EPD description (copied from the PGN standard) are added to the release version

V1.2a 12-OCT-1997

  • Bug fixed in saving position to BMP/GIF file
  • Now you can also delete a position line from an EPD file
  • Option -BSNOCHECK added (same as parameter "BoardSetupNoCheck" <> 0)
  • Support of parameter "BoardSetupNoCheck" in section "[Settings]" added. If this parameter is set to a value <> 0, the board setup editor won't check for a valid position (special request of Eric Bentzen)

V1.2 05-OCT-1997

  • Board setup added (now you can also create/edit your positions)
  • Export to PGN format (using the FEN tag) added
  • Import ECTool (V3.x, V4.x) ECT files as new EPD files
  • EPD file handling added (now you can also create EPD files)
  • Copy position as ASCII diagram to clipboard
  • Chess engine support for analysing current position added
  • Start only one instance of EPD2diag

V1.1 21-JUN-1997

  • Board moves disabled, default buttons enabled
  • Save to BMP/GIF image file added
  • Copy EPD string to clipboard added

V1.0 12-JUN-1997

  • First release of EPD2diag

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