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TWebLabel Delphi component, part of TWeblike components, which can be found at

Eric Bentzen


Eric offers at his "Chess Diagrams & Fonts" web page at a lot of freeware true-type chess fonts. Also without Eric's help the RTF output options wouldn't have come to work!!

Sylvain Cresto


TGoToWeb Delphi component.

Dirk Hagedorn


The online help file and the ASCII manual file were created with the help of UDO (= Universal DOcument), a tool for creating different target formats from a single source. You can find out more about the UDO shareware product at

Boby Hyatt


The author of Crafty - the best freeware chess program in source code. You can download the actual sources and executables at

Mike Leahy


The author of Bookup. He made his Bookup 2D chessboard Delphi 1 (ie 16bit) component public available. Look at

Armando Hernandez Marroquin


Armando is the author of several wonderful freeware true-type chess fonts. You can find the most recent versions of his fonts at Eric Bentzen's Chess Diagrams & Fonts web page.

Fredrik Nordbakke


TFnpListBox Shareware Delphi component. You can find the VCL at

Ed Schröder


The author of Rebel 9 and the Rebel Decade engine version. Look at for further information about Rebel 9, the freeware chess program Rebel Decade and the Rebel engine versions.
My special thanks to Ed, for offering his webspace to me for distributing this program. Also I have to thank Ed for offering a free Rebel Decade 2 engine for EPD2diag.

Reinier Sterkenburg


TGifFile Delphi component (GIF handling unit).The most recent release of his Delphi component can be found at

Peter Tiemann

TMultiLang Shareware Delphi component.
For a detailed description of this multi language support component look at

Andres Valverde


A very good friend (and also the author of ECTOOL - in my opinion the best email chess managing program), who gave the base 32bit code of Mike Leahy's 16bit Delphi component to me. We also cooperate in creating the setup program and even share some code between ECTOOL and EPD2diag.

Delphi Super Page Delphi logo

One of the best resources for Delphi 1/2/3 components (both freeware and shareware) is located at The Delphi components TGifFile and TGoToWeb were both downloaded from this server.

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