- ICC (Internet Chess Club) -

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The Internet Chess Club operates the longest running, largest, and best chess playing service on the Internet. Moreover, ICC is rapidly becoming the largest organization of active chess players in the World.

No where else can you find as many chess enthusiasts ready for a quick round of blitz, a short chat, or an impromptu tournament. It is not uncommon to find over 1,000 chess players hanging out on ICC.

Developed by leading computer scientists, the service is built on the most robust and feature-rich community game server available.

In 1998, ICC established a broad promotional alliance with the United States Chess Federation (USCF), the governing body of chess in the United States, and hosts the USCF website.

The ICC offers you a 7 day free trial peroid.

GM Loek van Wely vs REBEL

Rebel Company in cooperation with the ICC offer you the free LIVE SUPPORT of the match GM Loek van Wely vs REBEL starting on February 19, 2002 ending on February 22, 2002 in total 4 games. Each day one tournament game will be played starting 13:00 Dutch local time (7:00 New York time).

Here is what you have to do:
  • Go to the ICC web page and click on "Download Software".

  • After installation login to ICC as "guest" and type "follow Rebel2002" to watch the games.