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Pictures were taken during the World Micro Computer Chess tournament London, 2000.

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    Ed Schröder (Rebel) on its way to London. The entry of the Alexandra Palace in London. The playing hall of the Alexandra Palace.
    Frans Morsch and Matthias Feist (Fritz). Richard Lang (Genius) and Ed Schröder (Rebel). Johan de Koning (ChessMaster).
    The stars all together (left to right): Rudolf Huber (SOS), Amir Ban (Junior), Mattias Feist (Fritz), Ossi Weiner and Stefan Meyer-Kahlen (Shredder), Ed Schröder (Rebel), Alexander Kure (Nimzo). Rising star James Robertson (Insomniac). Famous Vincent Diepeveen (Diep).
    Amir Ban (Junior). Jaap van den Herik (tournament director). Ed Schröder looking happy (did Rebel win?)