- REBEL and the Press -

Here you can read what the Chess Press has to say about Rebel and particular about Rebel 9.0.

    Computer Totaal Computer Totaal (January 1998)
  • REBEL 9.0 is the Rolls Royce under the Chess Programs.
  • REBEL 9.0 has everything other chess programs have, PLUS a a lot of EXTRA's.

  • Installation
    User Comfort
    Price vs Quality

    Personal Computer Magazine Personal Computer Magazine (January 1998)
  • Simple genius!
  • For the serious chess player Rebel 9.0 is indispensable.

  • PC Koop (March 1998)
  • REBEL 9.0 is a must-buy for every chess lover.
  • REBEL 9.0 is about the milestone in Chess Software.

  • Playing Strength
    User Interface
    User Comfort

    Selective Search Selective Search (February-March 1998)
  • The name REBEL has promised strength for the past few years, and it looks from these and our first computer-computer games as if Rebel9 will further that reputation.

  • Rochade Magazine (February 1998)
  • Rebel on Internet, an absolute model (support and representation)
  • Rebel9 is one of my favorite instrument for Analysis.
  • Rebel9 is a must-buy for everybody with chess as a profession as for people who take chess seriously.

  • Rochade Magazine (December 1997)
  • Rebel 9.0 - Computer Chess on the highest level!
  • Rebel 9.0 is a perfect equipped Chess System.
  • Rebel 9.0 is a so called obligatory program, you must have it.

  • Computer Schach und Spiele (Heft 5/1997)
  • It is hard imaginable to name any wishes left for Rebel 9.0.

  • Computer Chess Reports Computer Chess Reports (Online Magazine)
  • Rebel 9 is the most complete software available in the galaxy for professional and serious players
  • According to Mark Young, Rebel on P2/300 has reached a 2700+ standard rating on ICC, the highest rating in the history of this chess server.
  • Greatly improved database handling!
  • Tons of study material (chess problems, games, opening books) and utilities on Bonus CD.