- REBEL 11.0 Opening Books -

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The REBEL Opening Book has been expanded with 60,000 new moves. The Rebel opening book has now over 46,000 variations resulting in 2.6 million positions.

The REBEL database is the life-work of Jeroen Noomen who spends over 700 hours a year to build his ultimate Opening Book. Jeroen started his work for Ed Schroder at the time Mephisto chess computers dominated the world both working for Hegener & Glaser (Munich, Germany).

When Mephisto Hegener & Glaser went down (1992-1993) Ed and Jeroen left Hegener & Glaser and Jeroen joined Rebel company. Jeroen's job:

. Create the best opening book in the world;
. Assist Ed in developing Rebel concerning the playing stength of the chess engine (advises and testing).

At the time Jeroen worked for Hegener & Glaser Jeroen developed the first REBEL book for the Mephisto Polgar and later for the Mephisto RISC the world champion program of Madrid 1992-1995.

Typical for the REBEL book that it is always up-to-date concerning the latest new opening theory. Furthermore one of the main advantages of the REBEL book is that it contains a lot grandmaster analysis on critical positions of human theory.

REBEL will play these grandmaster analysis too and therefore REBEL is even able to surprise the most experienced GM experts in opening theory since most of these lines are not tried in GM tournaments.

Last but not least the REBEL book is tuned for the playing style of Rebel-Tiger II and Rebel Century 3.0, a giant job.

What is new?

Click on the pictures to enlarge.

  • Within Rebel-Tiger-II you can now load all your Rebel .MVS opening books.
  • You can create your own opening books using the external Book Converter program.
  • You can create opening books from PGN databases using the external Book Converter program.

  • Which books are provided?

    After installation you will find the following opening books installed:
    • SMALL.MVS, the old Mephisto RISC opening book!
    • DECADE.MVS, the Rebel 6.0 opening book
    • REBEL7.MVS, the Rebel 7.0 opening book
    • REBEL8.MVS, the Rebel 8.0 opening book
    • REBEL9.MVS, the Rebel 9.0 opening book
    • REBEL10.MVS, the Rebel 10.0 opening book
    • CENTURY1.MVS, the Rebel Century 1.0 opening book
    • REBEL.MVS, the new Rebel 11.0 opening book for Rebel-Tiger II and Rebel-Century 3.0

    • Special Opening Books:

    • BLUNDER.MVS, in case you want to win in any case. Rebel will make many blunders right from the opening book. Fun guaranteed!

    • GAMBIT.MVS, Rebel will play gambit opening lines.
    • SHARP.MVS, Rebel plays the sharp John Nunn opening repertoire.
    • CLASSIC.MVS, Rebel will play classic openings.
    • MODERN.MVS, Rebel will play modern opening theory.

    • KASPAROV.MVS, Rebel 11.0 plays the Gary Kasparov opening repertoire!
    • GRANDMASTER.MVS, A special big opening book made (and thereafter hand-tuned) from only grandmaster games.
    • SUPER.MVS, as the grandmaster book but then much bigger. This opening book contains almost 100,000 opening variations, 6 million positions and the average book depth is 17 moves!
  • View contents of the new Rebel opening book. The overview shows you the most known opening names, the number of variations that's in the book and the a remark if the opening is played "Active" by Rebel or not. The overview is created by Rebel Century 3.0

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