- REBEL 11.0 Introduction -

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REBEL 11.0 is the successor of REBEL-CENTURY and REBEL-TIGER.

The REBEL 11.0 package contains 4 top chess engines.

REBEL 11.0 is the fruit of the cooperation between 2 top chess programmers Ed Schröder (Rebel) and Christophe Théron (Chess Tiger) who joined forces 2 years ago.

The idea itself (to combine 18 and 17 years individual chess programming) has given REBEL a real push concerning playing style and playing strength.

While REBEL is already considered to have the name of playing the most natural human-like chess, chess programmer Christophe Théron in the footsteps of Ed Schröder has produced a chess engine (nickname Gambit Tiger) that plays a whole different kind of chess. A revolution in playing style!

REBEL 11.0 in a nutshell  

  • REBEL 11.0 is a package of 4 top chess engines:
    • Rebel Tiger II (Windows) (Classic version) estimated +50-70 elo.
    • Rebel Tiger II (Windows) (GAMBIT version) a revolution in playing style!
    • Rebel analysis engine running under Windows.
    • Rebel Century 3.0 (DOS) estimated +100 elo.
  • Most important DATA:
    • 800.000 high qualified chess games (in REBEL format).
    • Brand new EOC database of 20 million positions.
    • Large CAT (computer analysis) database.
    • In total 576 Mb (!!)
    Furthermore The Rebel opening book by Jeroen Noomen has been expanded with 60,000 (all hand-typed) new book moves concerning the latest opening theory. The total number of variations is now over 46,000 resulting in 2.6 million positions.

  • November 1, 2000    Release date and prices  

  • REBEL 11.0 official release date is November 1, 2000.

  • The end-user-price of REBEL 11.0 is $54.95 (DM 129,00) (HFL 129,00).

  • Upgrade to REBEL 11.0 is possible from the following older Rebel versions:
    • Rebel 10.0
    • Rebel Century
    • Rebel Tiger
  • The end-user-price of an upgrade is $39.95 (DM 89,00) (HFL 89,00).

  • In order to get REBEL 11.0 against upgrade price you will have to send back one of the 3 above mentioned cdroms to your local dealer. If you want to upgrade directly from Rebel Company (and you have subscribed) your registration number (found on the manual or cdrom) is sufficient since your data is known to us and there is no need to send a cdrom back.

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