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ZILLION of Chess Engines

Rebel-Tiger II strongly supports the Winboard chess engine protocol. It allows you to load many strong external chess engine within Rebel-Tiger II.

As most of these external chess engines are free downloadable you can add even more power and flexibility to Rebel-Tiger II.

The most popular free chess engine is Crafty by Robert Hyatt but you can also add commercial engines such as Nimzo, SOS and Gandalf to Rebel-Tiger II.

It is estimated that at the moment there are about 50 Winboard compatible chess engines available all downloadable for free. For more details we like to point to "Frank's Chess Page" (see picture below) who greatly has pushed the popularity of Winboard compatible chess engines.


For the moment we like to point out to the documentation as found on the Lokasoft site our partner company who is in charge for the REBEL-TIGER interface.


  • More Winboard support.
  • Offer Winboard engines without the need to go through the often difficult installation process.
  • Add new software that for instance allows you to play long matches between all installed chess engines (including the Rebel engines).


The WINBOARD protocol was invented by Tim Mann to allow chess programmers not to bother about Graphical Interface issues but to focus on the chess engine strength only. A big thanks goes to Tim for his pioneer work.

THE place on the Internet to learn more about Winboard, new or updated released engines or the latest Winboard news is without any doubt "Frank's Chess Page". Click on the corresponding picture to move.

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