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REBEL CENTURY 3.0 what's new

  • A much stronger chess engine estimated +100 elo against other computers and +20-30 elo against humans.

  • New CAT (Computer Analysis Tool) database. CAT is the way to organize your computer-computer games or computer analysis.

  • Database expanded with 300,000 games. The Rebel database has now 800,000 high qualified chess games.

  • The Rebel opening book has been expanded with 60,000 (all hand-typed) new book moves concerning the latest opening theory. The total number of variations is now over 46,000 resulting in 2.6 million positions.

  • A brandnew EOC database of 20,000,000 unique chess positions.

  • The chess engine in more detail  

  • A much stronger chess engine estimated at +100 elo against other computers and +20/30 elo against humans.

  • Hash table support expanded to 400 Mb.

  • Highly improved search algorithms. Rebel Century 3.0 computers much deeper which automatically guarantees better chess.

  • Persistent hash table which gives a speed-up of 10-15% during the permanent brain, also faster hash table access.

  • BLUFF CHESS : Playing coffee-house chess (try it!)

  • TACTICAL ENGINE : A super fast finder for tactical shots.

  • CLUB PLAYER : Rebel so now and then will make minor to serious mistakes giving you the chance to win.

  • Auto Player results
    Match                          Score     Perc
    Century 3.0 - Fritz 5.32    57.0 - 45.0   56%
    Century 3.0 - Fritz 6       31.5 - 20.5   61%
    Century 3.0 - Junior 6a     27.0 - 16.0   63%
    Century 3.0 - Century 1.0   38.5 - 29.5   57%
    Century 3.0 - Rebel-Tiger   25.0 - 36.0   41%
    Century 3.0 - Shredder 4.0  17.5 -  9.5   65%
  • Download the 353 autoplayer games in REBEL format. Games are with REBEL's annotations (500 Kb).

  • About the REBEL 11.0 cdrom

    BE SURE to browse your new REBEL 11.0 cdrom and don't miss all kind of interesting data (in total 574 Mb!) not installed on your hard disk for space reasons. To name a few directories:
     . BIG           : 800.000 high qualified chess games.
     . CAP           : 1.000.000 full analyzed positions for CAT.
     . CAT           : More CAT databases, Use 'Load CAT' to view.
     . DATABASE      : Cool selected databases + descriptions.
     . EOCBIG        : The big EOC chess tree with 20 million positions!
     . EOCUTIL       : Utility to build your own EOC chess trees.
     . MANUAL        : The manual in HTML, just start your Internet browser.
     . REB_PERS      : Rebel Personality editor for Windows.
     . REBELCENT.HLP : the manual in Windows HELP format.
     . CAT.HTM       : documentation of the CAT feature with pictures.


    Now available from the subscription area for those who have subscribed.

    What is new:
    • Analyze Selected Games. From the database select the games you want to analyze, go to the UTILITIES menu and select ANALYZE SELECTION.

    • Analyze Database. Select the database you want to analyze, go to the UTILITIES menu and select ANALYZE DATABASE.

    • Analyze game, now analyses 4 moves (was 2 moves). More power when analysing your games or grandmaster games, REBEL will analyze now 2 extra alternative moves. This without hardly any noticeable time loss.

    • Bugfixes and new features in the Personalities:
      • Loading/Saving Personalities now without information loss.
      • DEEP/DEEPER/DEEPEST working again.
      • Added [ANTI-GM] for the use in engine-engine matches.
      • Added [SMART EVAL] for more secure positional play.
      • Added [SEARCH = NULLMOVE] for more secure search.
      • Added [PRUNE] for more effective pruning.
    For optimum use of the new parameters see the README.TXT file.

    A stronger chess engine is included, roughly 20-30 elo better on longer time controls. Also included is a modified version of the PCM personality of Gert Wallander which adds another 10-15 elo points to REBEL.

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    Since November 23, 1995