- REBEL 9.0 Release notes -

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  • CPU 80386 or higher
  • Internal memory at least 4 Mb
  • Free harddisk space of 5 Mb
  • Cdrom player

    Supported platforms:
  • DOS 5.0 or above
  • Windows 3.x
  • Windows 95

    On October 14 1997 REBEL 9.0 is officially released and can be obtained from your local dealer.

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    Dutch customers can click here to order directly from the Schröder BV

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    REBEL 9.0 is a Cdrom product. While we strive for optimal customer satisfaction and also being aware that not everybody has a Cdrom player we offer the full REBEL 9.0 chess program also on diskette.

    Click here to read about REBEL 9.0 (disk)

    New order policy!

    Because we strive to support our chess products as best as possible there is a major change in ordering the new REBEL 9.0 resulting in the following important advantages.

    REBEL 9.0 will come in 2 versions (Microsoft alike)

  • REBEL 9.0 (full version) (full price)
  • REBEL 9.0 (upgrade version) (upgrade price)

    REBEL9 (upgrade) when installing will ask for the official Rebel7/8 diskette which justifies your upgrade discount and then will continue the install process.

    REBEL9 (full) will not have this Rebel7/8 diskette check.

    The advantages of the new upgrade system is that it solves all the 'diskette' exchange problems as there is no need any more to ship your official Rebel7/8 diskette back to your dealer in order to get the discount.

    The second advantage is that you can keep your official Rebel7/8 diskette. We have got many requests for that and we have rewarded your wish.

    Limited Offer!

    Together with the release of REBEL 9.0 also REBEL BONUS is released. Besides Rebel Decade 1.2 this CDROM will contain many TOP databases, editable opening books (in total 60 Mb!), special Rebel utilities, make diagrams, database utilities 2.0 (DBUTIL 2.0) etc. etc. In total 200 Mb data and software, exclusively Rebel related.

    REBEL BONUS will be offered in combination with REBEL 9.0 (full or upgrade) till April 30, 1998. So you can get this amazing cdrom for FREE if you order REBEL 9.0 before the end of April 1998.

    Click here to read about the full contents of REBEL BONUS

    Your FREE Internet subscription!

    If you purchase REBEL 9.0 (full, upgrade or light) and if you have Internet access you will have the possibility to get a FREE Internet subscription till September 1998. After subscription (here on the Rebel Home Page) you will get access to a special place on the Rebel Home Page where you can download the latest data and utilities for free!

    Click here to read more about the contents

    REBEL 9.0 language support

    REBEL 9.0 will fully support 7 languages (the manual, the pulldown text and the opening names).

    The supported languages are:
  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Polish

    The already famous 50 EXAMPLES meant for people who are not familiar with chess programs (software) will come in ENGLISH, GERMAN and DUTCH. Plans are made to translate the EXAMPLES also to French, Italian and Spanish and supply free downloads from the REBEL 9.0 subscription page.

    What others say about REBEL

    "I never saw REBEL make a senseless move"
    GM ARTUR JUSSUPOW after the match Rebel 9.0 - Jussupow (score 10½-6½) at Ischia (Italy), June 1997

    "REBEL 9.0 was my most dangerous adversary, it played very active"
    GM YONA KOSASHVILI winner of the Aegon Tournament, Holland, May 1997

    "This program is reference"
    MAGAZINE CSS about Rebel 8.0, Germany, October 1996

    "The playing strength is unquestionable, the analyse options excellent and the user interface almost ideal"
    MAGAZINE ROCHADE about Rebel 8.0, Germany, October 1996

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