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AMD Last year, a souped-up, multi-million-dollar IBM supercomputer nicknamed "Deep Blue" shattered humanity's chess dominance by beating the world chess champion.

Now an AMD-K6®-2 processor-based PC system anyone can buy has shocked the chess world by trouncing the world's second-best chess player, Viswanathan Anand, by a 5-3 score in a three-day match held July 21-23 on the island of Ischia, Italy.

  • Full text (and pictures) on the AMD site

  • KryoTech "This decisive win by KryoTech's computer underscores the superior performance of the AMD-K6-2 processor running Rebel chess software," said Dana Krelle, marketing vice president for AMD's Computation Products Group.

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  • De Volkskrant Volgens schaakanalist Hans Böhm speelde Rebel, ondanks beperkte mogelijkheden, intelligenter dan de IBM-computer Deep Blue destijds tegen Kasparov.

  • Full (dutch) text on the Volkskrant site

  • De Telegraaf Schaakcomputer verslaat 's werelds nummer twee
    Opnieuw heeft de schaakwereld terrein moeten prijsgeven aan de computer. Nadat eerder Gary Kasparov al een onverwachte nederlaag leed, heeft nu ook de nummer twee van de wereld, Visnawathan Anand uit India, verloren van een PC.

  • Full (dutch) text on the Telegraaf site

  • The ChessPlayer IM Orlov analysis of the Match
    Perhaps even more surprising was a fact that on day two Rebel was able to draw tournament game. The computer even had some winning chances at some point.

  • Full text on the ChessPlayer site by IM Orlov

  • The Hindu Online July 22, 1998
    The weather is Ichia is not like Chennai and Anand who arrived on Sunday from Germany is resting. He has brought his Georgian second GM Elizbar Ubilava and Madrid friends Mauricio and Nieves Perea. He has a big opening day and might have to make quick plans and adjustments as all of them will be played without much rest.

    Here many believe that REBEL is stronger than DEEP BLUE's software. REBEL programmer says that the programme has been 32- FRITZ, the programme Anand defeated 1.5-0.5 in Frankfurt recently. ``REBEL's lead in positional chess is larger than FRITZ's lead in tactics,'' a software critic from Madrid says.

  • Full text on the Hindu site

  • USCF Online Rebel With a Cause?
    Viswanathan Anand finally found a comfortable level at world challenge speed: he scored 1.5 - 0.5 in the two games at 2 hours and 40 minutes. The overall result was Rebel 5 points, Anand 3.

  • Full text on the US Chess Federation site

  • The Hindu Online July 23, 1998
    REBEL, a Dutch programme recorded a historic match victory over World No. 2 Viswanathan Anand when it won the match 4.5-1.5 with two games to spare at the end of the first of the three-day exhibition match here on Wednesday afternoon.

    REBEL played some remarkable tactical chess and its speed was impeccable as it beat Anand in the first, second and third of the blitz games and the fifth (semi-rapid) game on time. Anand won the fourth game and drew the sixth game.

    REBEL exposed the dangers of humans in quick time control games and it should be a shot in the arm for its sales on the marketing side.

  • Full text on the Hindu site

  • The Washington Post GM Lubomir Kavalek analysis of Game-2
    August 3, 1998
    12 . . .Nf6! (Excellent human choice. Perhaps the machine heard somewhere that you do not exchange pieces when your opponent is tangled up.)

  • Full text on the Washington Post site

  • The Sunday Times of India Rebel outplays Anand in rapid chess games
    In the two semi-rapid games (15 minutes a side), rebel was again on top. The machine made a brilliant 18th move to snatch advantage from Anand.

  • Full text on the Sunday Times of India site

  • Anand about Deep Blue - Kasparov Anand about Deep Blue - Kasparov
    I eagerly waited to see the Kasparov vs. Deep Blue rematch.

    IBM can hardly risk the reputation of its "blue-eyed" baby against some PC or mere mortal. So the rest of us (6,000,000,000 minus Kasparov) are left with more questions than answers.

  • Full text on the IBM site