RoSystem Chess Club Schröder BV in cooperation with ROSYSTEM (Italy) offer you a new piece of software unique on the Internet.

ROSYSTEM is completely free.

Analyze your favorite positions by REBEL10

On the ROSYSTEM server you can enter your (test) positions online and REBEL10 will analyze your positions. The result can be viewed a few hours later. Just check the available example database with results for an impression.

All analysis is done on super fast hardware like the Pentium-II 266 Mhz or AMD 333 Mhz.

Let REBEL10 analyze your games

A second possibility ROSYSTEM and REBEL10 are offering you is to analyze WHOLE GAMES (or your selected moves) from a game. You simply enter the game on the ROSYSTEM server in an easy to use JAVA application and mark the moves you are interested in. REBEL10 will analyze your game and will return an email to inform you where you can find the result of the analysis.


Now on the RoSystem Chess server you can play live games against REBEL10.

A special REBEL10 engine running on a super fast AMD 333 MHz processor is about the same engine of the commercial version of REBEL10 but it has two main limitations:

  • There is no opening book available (yet).
  • There is no permanent brain option (yet).
It's planned to add these two features for the future in case of enough interest.

For the first experimental period up to 20 people are allowed to play simultaneously.

ROSYSTEM is completely free!

More plans

  • Play online against other people all over the world.

Enough for now and move me to the ROSYSTEM server

You need to have a Java capable browser (Netscape 3.0 etc.) to visit the RoSystem.