- REBEL's personalities -

REBEL10.5's new "flexible engine concept" allows easy and powerful tweaks (tuning) of the engine by the user.

Multiple ENGINE files can be created and loaded. These files are called PERSONALITIES.

Within Rebel 6 famous personalities are pre-programmed and can be loaded from the menu OPTIONS.

Anatoly Karpov

Karpov vs Quinteros    Leningrad 1973 Interzonal

Move: Rxd5!

00:00:01  4.14  0.16   1.Rxd5 exd5 2.Nf5 Qd8 3.Qg4 g6 4.Nxh6+ 


00:00:02  5.00  0.16   1.Rxd5 exd5 2.Nf5 Qd8 3.Qg4 g6 4.Nxh6+ 


00:00:05  6.00  0.28   1.Rxd5 exd5 2.Nf5 Qd8 3.Qg4+ g6 

                       4.Nxh6+ Kh8 5.Qf3 f6 6.Qxd5

The Karpov Style sees this move at ply 4 in 6 seconds on a P-133 laptop.

Normal Rebel 10.5 will not play this move after any reasonable period 

of time, preferring Nf5 exf5 Rxd5.  This trades away the valuable Knight 

that should have helped pry open Black's kingside defensive structure.

The idea behind Rxd5 is to let the white Knight jump to f5 to initiate

an attack on the Black King.

Karpov vs Polugaevsky   Moscow 1974 Candidates Match Game 6

Move: Qg3!

00:00:21  7.06  0.39   1.Qg3 Qc3 2.Qxc3 Bxc3 3.Rf3 Bf6 

                       4.Rb3 Nc6 5.Rd5

00:00:48  8.00  0.39   1.Qg3 Qc3 2.Qxc3

00:02:09  8.34  0.45   1.Qe1 Bc3 2.Qg3 Rd7 3.Rc1 Na2 4.Rc2 

                       Rfd8 5.Rxa2

00:03:03  9.00  0.61   1.Qe1 Bc3 2.Qg3 Nc2 3.Rf2 Nd4 4.Rc1

White's *threat* of e5 is stronger than actually

making the move e5.  Rebel 10.5 default personality 

will quickly select Qg3! only to change to e5 in the

6th ply, not returning to Qg3 in any reasonable length

of time on a P-133, even as far as the 9th ply, it 

still prefers e5.

The Karpov personality will play Qg3! on ply 7 (preferring 

e5 until then) and it keeps Qg3! as its move from there on.  

On a P-133, it takes Rebel 10.5 [Karpov personality] 2 minutes 

and 21 seconds to see that Qg3 is best.

These types of subtle moves are what mark Karpov's play.  

He consistently improves his position by moves that show 

extraordinary positional understanding. Unfortunately, on 

the next move (after Qc3 by Black), Rebel 10.5 (Karpov 

Personality or Default) fails to see that the white Queen is

needed for the attack and they both prefer to play e5, 

allowing Qxg3 by Black. There is always room for improvement!

Spassky vs Karpov

Move: e4!

00:01:30 13.00  0.82   1..Rd8 2.bxa5 bxa5 3.Rf3 Rxd6 4.Rf5 

                       Rd3+ 5.Kf2 Rd2+ 6.Kf3 Rd5 7.Ke3 

                       Rd4 8.Rxg5 Rxa4

00:01:41 13.01  0.95   1..axb4 2.d7 Rd8 3.Rb3 Kxd7 4.Rxb4

00:01:58 13.02  0.96   1..e4 2.d7 Rd8 3.Rd4 Ke5 4.Rd2 axb4 

                       5.Kf2 Kf4 6.Ke2 Kxg4 7.Ke3 b3 8.Kxe4

This is a zwischenzug and it wins for Black.  According to Karpov, 

axb4 leads to a draw.

Rebel 10.5 [Karpov Personality] initially selects e4! then changes 

to axb4 on the 9th ply [18 seconds on a P-133 laptop], then returns

to e4! after 11 ply [2 minutes and 34 seconds on a P-133] with a 

score of 1.02 for Black.

Rebel 10.5 [Default personality] prefers axb4 from the 8th ply on,

even sticking to axb4 on the 12th ply.

Michael Tal

Tal - Simagin

Move: Nxf7!

00:00:24  8.01  1.39   1.Nxe6 fxe6 2.Qh5+ Kd8 3.f5 dxe5 

                       4.Bg5+ Kc7 5.Rab1 Bb4

00:00:39  8.02  1.39   1.Nxf7

00:00:45  8.02  1.80   1.Nxf7 Kxf7 2.f5 Nxe5 3.fxe6+ Kxe6 

                       4.Be3 Qb5 5.Qh5 Kd7 6.Qf5+

Botvinnik - Tal

Move: Nf4!

00:00:09  7.00  1.24   1..Nf6 2.Bf1 R4c7 3.Nb5 Rc2 4.Rxc2 

                       Rxc2 5.Qe1 Qxe1 6.Rxe1 Nxd5 7.Bxa7 

                       Rxb2 8.Nxd6 Rxa2

00:00:14  7.14  1.24   1..Nf4 

00:00:17  7.14  1.73   1..Nf4 2.gxf4 exf4 3.a3 Qb3 4.Bxa7 

                       f3 5.Bxf3 b6 

Tal - Antoshin

Move: Rxb2!

00:00:13  7.07  0.29   1.Rxb2 

00:00:14  7.07  0.69   1.Rxb2 Rxd7 2.Qxd7 Rf7 3.Qd4 Nxb2 

                       4.Qxb2 Rd7 5.Qb3+ Kh8

00:00:21  8.00  0.79   1.Rxb2 Nxb2 2.Qd5+ Kh8 3.Qd4 Rxd7 

                       4.Qxd7 Rg8 5.Ng5 

Tal - Tolush

Move: e5!

00:00:00  5.00  0.79   1.e5 Rxe5 2.Bxg6 Rb7 3.Bxh7+ Nxh7 

                       4.Qg6+ Kf8 

00:00:01  6.00  1.37   1.e5 Rxe5 2.Bxg6 Rb7 3.Ne4 Rxe4 

                       4.Bxe4 fxg5 5.Bf5

00:00:03  7.00  1.36   1.e5 Rxe5 2.Bxg6 Rxg5 3.Bxh7+ Nxh7 

                       4.Qxh7+ Kf8 5.Ne4 Rg7 6.Qh8+ Rg8 

                       7.Qxf6+ Qxf6 8.Nxf6 

Garry Kasparov

Style is still in development

Robert Fischer

Style is still in development

Vishy Anand

Style is still in development

Judith Polgar

Style is still in development

Used hardware, AMD 600 Mhz with 60 Mb hash tables.