- The Chat Room -

You have entered the Rebel vs Anand Chat Room.

On July 22 and July 23 during the games you can enter your views on the moves played by Vishy Anand and Rebel. Also you can ask questions.

On Wednesday the leader of the discussion is the International Master (IM) and Dutch Television entertainer Hans Böhm. For Thursday somebody else is planned.

Hans will give his views and/or analysis on each move of the game, you can ask him questions about all kind of chess or computer chess related topics. Most original or interesting questions or comments are rewarded by Hans with a prize.

The start hour of the match is not known yet, we will inform you as soon as possible. Hans Böhm will start the discussion one hour before the game starts. After the game Hans will stay online for another hour for conclusions and remaining questions.

Also from time to time (during the game) Hans will ask about the details in Italy. Ed Schröder (programmer of Rebel) and Jeroen Noomen (book opening editor of Rebel) will inform you about the atmosphere in Italy and they will give you their views on the game and other interesting details LIVE!

All this is possible using the message board called WWW-BOARD. Enjoy!

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