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May 5, 2001    Chess Tiger for Palm FOR FREE  

Within a few weeks the strong Chess Tiger 14.1 chess engine will be available for the PalmOS system.

People with a Palm, a Visor, an IBM WorkPad, a TRGPro, a Qualcomm organizer, a Sony Clié, or anything that runs the PalmOS system (version 3.0 or above) are offered to download Chess Tiger 14.1 for free.

Chess Tiger 14.1 for Palm has all the main features of the PC engine:
  • A very strong chess engine
  • Hash Tables
  • Permanent Brain
  • PGN support
  • Book Learning
  • Multiple Variation Mode
  • And more...
This free version of Chess Tiger 14.1 will come in a text mode interface (no graphics) so you will need a chess baord to play against it. The commercial version with graphics will come somewhat later.

In the meantime you can fully enjoy Chess Tiger's strength and playing style on your hand-held computer!

For those who can't wait send email to to get Chess Tiger for Palm as soon as it will be released.

More news soon, stay tuned.

March 21, 2001    Perfect end-games  

The upcoming free update of Rebel-Tiger II will support the so-called Nalimov Table bases.

Table bases (abbreviated to TB) are giant sets of databases stored with perfect end-game knowledge and this knowledge will be used by Rebel-Tiger II for its internal calculations. It means that the chess program understands some very basic end-games without the need of calculating nor programmed chess knowledge because the information is simply retrieved from the TB (table base).

A simple example is the always difficult to win end-game King+Queen vs King+Rook abbreviated to KQKR. The TB is called and immediately returns a) the best move plus b) the number of moves left to mate.
  • The KQKR end-game is called a 4-piece end-game because there are 4 chess pieces on the chess board.

  • A KPK is called a 3-piece end-game because there are 3 chess pieces on the chess board. Also here the TB will instantly report the best move plus the number of moves left to mate. In case the position can't be won by perfect play of the opponent with the lonely king the TB reports a draw status.

  • The KRPKR end-game is called a 5-piece end-game because there are 5 chess pieces on the chess board. The TB can either report a mate in x moves or report the position is a draw.

The understand the power of the TB technique a script is available at the web-site of our partner Lokasoft where all the 3, 4 and 5 piece end-games are made available on-line. When you enter a position using the FEN (or EPD) technique the script will immediately report the status of the position (draw or mate).

If you are mot familiar with FEN and/or EPD and don't understand how to input a position in FEN (or EPD) then use the EPD2diag program available for download from the FREEWARE AREA setup a position, copy the position as EPD into the Windows clipboard and paste the EPD/FEN string into the TB script at the Lokasoft page.

Here are 6 FEN/EPD example position which you can copy and paste in the into the TB script at the Lokasoft page.

4k2r/8/8/8/8/8/8/3QK3 w - -
4k3/8/8/8/8/8/8/2B1K1N1 w - -
4k3/4r3/8/8/8/8/4P3/4KR2 w - -
k7/4r3/8/8/8/8/4P3/1R2K3 w - -
6k1/6p1/8/8/8/8/6PP/6K1 w - -
6k1/6p1/8/8/8/8/4P2P/6K1 w - -

January 26, 2001    REBEL pages now Multi Language  

Clicking on the flag belonging to the language as displayed in the upper right corner of your screen will translate the contents of a page to the language in question.

Supported are: English ->Spanish, English -> German and English -> French.

Translation sometimes is not perfect but we think it is good enough to please a lot of our visitors.

January 22, 2001    Bugfix for REBEL-TIGER II  

  • Fixes problem where permanent brain sometimes got disabled after use with ERT.

  • Fixes problem where engine does not get started after coming out of book back in book. This in combination with use of GUI book. This may also fix the sticky GUI problem as that seems related.
Download the patch for REBEL-TIGER II (65 Kb).

To install just copy (or extract) the two DLL files to your installation directory, see also the included README file. The installation directory is usually C:\Program Files\Rebel\RebelTigerII

December 31, 2000    Engine research tool for REBEL-TIGER  

Available for download, first BETA version of a tool that allows engine / engine matches on a single computer of any pair of Rebel-Tiger engines, this includes Winboard and Lokasoft engines too.

The tool requires ChessPartner or Rebel Tiger.

Download from: (29 Kb)

December 31, 2000    Update Lokasoft engine  

Available for REBEL-TIGER owners; the Lokasoft standard engine with full Nalimov table bases support.

Download from: (208 Kb)

Extract the engine.dll from the zip file and copy it to your installation directory.

Beware, the table base support is only for the Lokasoft engine and not for REBEL-TIGER II (yet).

December 12, 2000    Update Gideon Chess  

Gideon Chess, our first chess program for the PC (1993). Gideon although at the time running on a RISC processor became world champion in Madrid 1992 where it beat all the big-irons. A collectors item!

A change has been made in favor for those customers who could not install Gideon Chess because the installation required the Rebel Century cdrom. This has been fixed now.

Gideon Chess is available via the Rebel Subscription Area. If you did not subscribed yet then you can do it here.

December 3, 2000    Update Personalities  

The extra personalities for Century 1.0 in the REBEL SUBSCRIPTION AREA are not compatible with the personalities of Century 3.0. We have updated the personalities in the subscription area. So you are adviced to re-download them.

It is adviced to use Century 3.0 only to create and maintain your own personalities.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

November 1, 2000    Release REBEL 11.0  

  • Official release Rebel 11.0

  • Dealer shipments and private customer deliveries started!

  • October 26, 2000    Order and download, a new service.  

    A new service: Order, download and play, in the meantime your REBEL 11.0 cdrom is on its way!

    After your on-line order you immediately can download one program of the REBEL 11.0 package (Rebel Century 3.0) and play.

    In the meantime your order is processed and the REBEL 11.0 cdrom with priority airmail is send to you. Time table deliveries: Europe 1-3 days, USA 4-7 days, ELSE 5-9 days.

    Read further.

    Customers who have pre-ordered already have received email how to get Rebel Century 3.0

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