Leaders play draw. Lower places fighting for blood.

Baltijos Lyga commentary at a round table.

Marijus Kulvietis: Our last review was completed with the commentaries about ChessGenius and RebelTiger. We were firm saying that they had no other way except victory. They simply had to win.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: Yes, I said that those tactics had to prove that they were able to win the games. REBEL-TIGER has carried out it`s task. EUGEN 7.92- REBEL-TIGER 0-1. EUGEN seemed to be rather weak in the last round against HIARCS. That`s why REBEL-TIGER sucess could be expected. Now again EUGEN have presented itself weak. REBEL-TIGER has played the sicilian opening not good and might have troubles. But it used bad moves of the opponent simply and won the game in such a way. Step by step TIGER was evidently becoming stronger and having gained the preponderance won. It had to cause EUGEN authors` dissapointment. But for TIGER that victory was rather easily presented. It will have to demonstrate it`s strengh against more powerful enemies.

CHESSGENIUS-Chess SYSTEM TAL 1/2-1/2. As we see Genius hasn`t won victory however some chances it has had.. E.g. a very far moved "g" pawn was not used. Analysis is necessary, but any human player would say he would know how to win such endgames. One third of the tournament has gone and such highly advertised programms as TIGER and GENIUS must win. The draw is not good for them according to table position.

Marijus Kulvietis: We understood: REBEL-TIGER has used it`s chance while GENIUS hasn`t. Round 5 was rather "bloody" in the outsider`s group

Was an easy victory of the white. The black played making doubtful moves. Here we may start the theme "And the blood is Howing Freely". When the programs are fighting only for victory, but one of them simply is doing stronger moves and the other is more often making mistakes.

COMET B32-GANDALF 4,32 0-1.
The game started with the gambit. It was strange for the computer chess. The opening itself was strange and not seen. But after the queens having been changed everything turned to the draw. The white made fault when they let the strong pawn of the black to pass and that is why they lost. GANDALF played the endgame more exactly and COMET made serious mistakes.

Here a long Spanish theory was going on, after which the black won a better situation. Unfortunately they could not manage to use the iniative of rather threatening pawn f3. When there was no attack left, the white had a material advantage that gave them possibility to gain victory. I think ZARKOV had to be very happy because the begining was promising something different.

This time it`s a draw., however preponderance was very variable. After the opening the white had a better situation, but the black were playing rather aggresively later. Aggresively, but not exactly when attacking , so the white had better chances again. I think the white were not precise in counting what would happen after entering an endgame. And after all a draw was received. Dead draw endgame.

Marijus Kulvietis: We paid more attention to less known programs. Thanks, now we`re coming to the first part of the table and presenting perhaps the greatest sensation to the professionals: CHESSMASTER-HIARCS 1-0.

GM Andrei Kharlov: A great majority of players have got popular compacts/CD/ of Chessmaster and Hiarcs programs at home and know that HIARCS is remarkably stronger. That is why the victory of CHESSMASTER seems really sensational. I had foreseen that HIARCS would recover and catch up with the leaders, but CHESSMASTER ruined my forecasts. What considers the game, it was rather original. CHESSMASTER gave a pawn at the begining and , i think, HIARCS tried to use it. Really they had good chance. Having a material superiority the black had at least not worse position. The most interesting is that HIARCS is estimated for a better "positional" game, but in this party it demonstrated namely the mistakes of the positional game. That were fatal in it. CHESSMASTER used better the positional advantage that realized itself accurately at the end of the game. It is similar to a human victory against a computer. I have got a question to the authors of my favorite HIARCS program`s authors-why their program didnt show it`s best characteristics in this tournament? Something not the best in it`s operation...? We all know it can do better.

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Marijus Kulvietis: It is a rare case when in the computer tournament victory is determined not by a tactical- but by a positional superiority! Let`s go on further.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: CRAFTY-YACE 1/2-1/2.
It was a sicilian game played when , i consider, the black had a better chance after the opening. The competitors, however, seemed to be very equal. So, although the endgame was emotional, the score ending in draw was quite logical.

This couple even sounds poetically! MCHESS score in draw confirms completely that this program was "depreciated quite without necessity. As we notice it stands sucessfully on the first part of the table. The game itself was rather ordinary and the draw was achieved very soon.There is nothing to be analysed. he opening and an immediate endgame with the desire for a draw on both sides. Both rivals seem to be of the same "thinking".

Marijus Kulvietis: This round was rather succesful for REBEL company programs.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: Yes. I agree. We have already commented REBEL-TIGER vicory/that one was rather easy while GAMBIT-TIGER victory was very interesting.

First of all the programs went out of the borders of the very popular theory very early, and that`s why the game was going on originally. GAMBIT-TIGER gave a pawn, played in it`s best style and looked for initiative, though the situation of the black wasnt easy! This time stubborn game gave it`s crop. Looking for the complications the black were able to sharpen the game and won on the end. they realized an attack and received Rook for a minor piece. After that they ruined completely the undeveloped Queens wing of the white and achieved victory. It was an active game and nice and important victory of GAMBIT-TIGER!

As we remember CENTURY experienced a loss in the last round, because of some rude mistakes. This time clear, evident mistakes were avoided and the results show this. The duel of such serious programs was going on as it had to be going. Long theory, careful and non-eventful playing led to a rather soon achieved a draw position.

Marijus Kulvietis: At last this is what we can say about 2 first boards..?

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: PATZER-JUNIOR 1/2-1/2 .
It may be some kind of sensation, because PATZER chose a rarely used variation e4-c5-Nc3. White were very active all the time. Clearly wanted to win. But maybe early trade of queens have saved JUNIOR. As we know computers are still not strong in rook endgames. Nevertheless, PATZER played very solid and not first time so in this tournament! So we musnt maybe claim a sensation when this less known program plays well against very strong advertisement programs....

A draw again. Nothing strange. Two equal, famous rivals. Long spanish theory played. Early trade of queens and finally trading a-b-c pawns lead to a position without no dangers. And the game turned to a draw with rook ending and a bishops with different colors. Maybe both rivals are happy with such result and will try to gather points against not so dangerous opponents. But who can they how those programs can plan and think

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 1. DEEP FRITZ            SHREDDER5             ˝:˝

 2. PATZER311B            JUNIOR6A              ˝:˝

 3. NIMZO8                REBEL-CENTURY3        ˝:˝

 4. MCHESS8               ZCHESS 2.2            ˝:˝

 5. CRAFTY 18.3           YACE 0.99.09          ˝:˝

 6. GROMIT 3.8.1          GAMBIT-TIGER2.0       0:1

 7. CHESSMASTER8000 1.0.2 HIARCS7.01            1:0


 9. WCHESS2000            VIRTUAL-CHESS2`       1:0

10. COMET B32             GANDALF432H           0:1


12. ZARKOV4.5R            SOCRATES X            1-0

13. EUGEN7.92             REBEL-TIGER14         0-1

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                       Tournament: Odyssey-2001

Place    Name                           Sco      MBch Buch Ws


  1-2   JUNIOR6A, (9)                    4.0        9˝  14   3

        SHREDDER5, (1)                   4.0        8˝  14   3

  3-5   PATZER311B, (17)                 3.5        9   15   2

        NIMZO8, (20)                     3.5        8   13˝  3

        DEEP FRITZ, (8)                  3.5        7˝  13˝  2

  6-12  REBEL-CENTURY3, (10)             3.0       10   17   2

        CRAFTY 18.7, (19)                3.0        9   14   2

        ZCHESS 2.2, (12)                 3.0        9   13   2

        GAMBIT-TIGER2.0, (2)             3.0        8˝  14   2

        YACE 0.99.09, (24)               3.0        7˝  12   2

        CHESSMASTER8000 1.0.2., (6)      3.0        7˝  11˝  3

        MCHESS8, (23)                    3.0        7   12   2

 13-15  GROMIT 3.8.1, (26)               2.5        7˝  13˝  2

        WCHESS2000, (15)                 2.5        7˝  12   1

        GANDALF432H, (11)                2.5        6˝  10˝  2

 16-22  HIARCS7.01, (4)                  2.0        8   12   1

        GENIUS6.5 CZUB-STYLE, (21)       2.0        7˝  13   0

        LITTLE-GOLIATH2000V3, (16)       2.0        7˝  12˝  1

        REBEL-TIGER14, (3)               2.0        7   11   1

        CHESS SYSTEM TAL2.03, (14)       2.0        6˝  12   1

        ZARKOV4.5R, (13)                 2.0        6˝  10˝  1

        SHREDDER4 CHESSBITS, (5)         2.0        5˝   9˝  0

 23-24  COMET B35, (18)                  1.5        7˝  13˝  1

        VIRTUAL-CHESS2, (7)              1.5        6˝  10˝  1

 25-26  EUGEN7.92, (25)                  0.5        7   10˝  0

        SOCRATES X, (22)                 0.5        6   10˝  0

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