Baltijos Lyga commentary at a round table.

Marijus Kulvietis: When the leaders may play more peaceful-the battle at the end of the table goes for a life or death as nobody wants to die.

IM Oleg Krivonosov: Sure. Nobody wants to die-or in other words nobody wants to stay at the last positions. Sometimes the fight in the last positions is much more dramatic and interesting to view as those games played by favorites. Lets see:

Eugen had proved finally that it is really the weak program. Already not the first time we critisize it. Not the first time it had given games very easily. Now it was the same. Rare opening. White was active, but in a human`s attitude to chess nothing serious was created by them. Queens were traded and no very serious danger was seen. Maybe a-pawn on an open file.... But it was all up to an endgame. As i had told-a-pawn was a chance for whites. And they had realized it. Of course black had possibility to force a draw even at some 45-50 moves with a perpetual check chances-but they played very strange. Maybe hoped for a win chances...? And lost as the only way was to seek for draw, not win at the endgame. After whites have pushed a- pawn to queens it was all over.

One reason why it is interesting to view the outsiders game in this tournament- They are playing not correct openings and running out of theory book very early. That leads to an original positions. Bad , not correct positions, but it is interesting to see anyway. Very wilde battle was there. White had terrible position. But incorrect game from both sides had led to final draw. Surprising draw. Very many weaknesses were found in white`s army. Strong human Grandmaster would use them and win. Also black had a pawn! And we know-the computers love to realize material advantage at least. I still cant believe how this masacre could have end as a draw. But the game was very very tough. I mean both sides were fighting. Not good quality of the fight. But at their level it was persistent struggle. Draw was simply surprising result and not describing what was happening on the board. This game was terrible for me-i would honestly loose in such open war-but programs have come to a forced draw lines. Not used chance by ZARKOV-which is stronger by my opinion. But the battle very tough.

Again one weak program had overplayed another weak program. Again it was early novelty and running out of theory book. They had started well studied Caro-Kann and had managed to run out of book at about 10 move!!! Amazing. Of course i would not show those games to my pupils as incorrect chess is played in those all 3 games. But for me it is like spanish corrida. Bloody circus. Gladiator`s arena. Interesting masacre again where both sides wanted to win ONLY. And the battle went till the end while white had come first to queens and won the game.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: Those fights remember me games of my pupils. Who have 2 grade. Tough fights, interesting battles for blood, ambitions-but still no chess understanding

Marijus Kulvietis: Oh well-but we have a fine chess fiesta and lets not harm the programs and their authors Vaidas-Your word then about other games.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: As a man who had abused once Rebel program in an official match I can reabilitate myself for Rebel fans telling some good words about Rebel programs in this round.

Marijus Kulvietis: Previous round was already good for Rebel army. This round was brilliant for Rebel. 100% points. All 3 games won.

IM Vaidas Sakalauskas: Yep.

We have told last round Rebel-Tiger had an easy opponent and easy win. As Eugen perfomance is really poor in this tournament. But this round Tiger had got very equal opponent-Genius-another well known tactician! We all know-Rebel -Tiger is presented worldwide as something knew in a tactical programs. So the game vs Genius who had similar reputation earlier was very principal and important in general. Not having in mind only this tournament. It had to be ambitious fight. Perhaps the most ambitious fight from all 3 Rebel programs games in this round. Very interesting opening played by the Rebel-Tiger.

Sicilian: e4-c5-Nf3-e6-c3!-it smells a human chess. Usually computers play open Sicilian games-using rich opening book-Tiger had chosen a silent variation and more positional preparations were made in first 20 moves. Placing bishops, double white rooks on d file and etc. But suddenly Genius makes a mistake in counting faraway variations. Of course I wasn't able to see it as loosing path without a computer as it was long tactics. But Rebel-Tiger used it immediately. Having given some material-Tiger makes strong attacks with very active pieces already after 20 move. Of course no human would saw such variations-I suggest to watch this game full and admire how beautiful Tiger has attacked his opponent. White were playing without rooks and black had both,but they couldn't help. White played perfectly using their minor pieces-pawns and active king. Great cooperation of all pieces. Game played one of the best I saw by Rebel -Tiger. Played as in a human style. As if some GM Shirov had overplayed a computer- not Tiger. Genius wasn't bad-but sudden attack by TIGER was simply too strong exam. Really great victory! Now some shorter impressions about other 2 games:

CENTURY is created as a solid program, more careful. Not so tactician as TIGER-or GAMBIT-TIGER. I guess it`s task in this event was to fight for highest prizes. Thus it was very important to win and to catch the leader group faster in a crosstable. CENTURY has fulfilled it`s task and had won the game. Programmers can be glad. Game wasn't easy. It was Sicilian with all it`s slipness and traps and not examined variations. I think in such complicated openings CENTURY looks better prepared with it`s theory. Nevertheless game long went very equal tending to a draw step by step. No wining in an opening , nor in the middlegame. Just slightly positional more comfortable for white/CENTURY/ with no risk to loose at least. But CENTURY had found a win using positional weakness of YACE and simply overplayed in a rather simple situation. It was enough chance for black to stand for a draw ,but some mistaken moves, bad defence while CENTURY was searching for a win. After bad play of YACE in 28-29- 30-31-32-33-34 moves the CENTURY had created a win position. After that-one pawn-/free pushed/ and strong bishop vs knight and simply won position for CENTURY. Important win for CENTURY.

Again white color wins. This time rather strange opening for such program as GAMBIT-TIGER. I thought it will provocate war from first steps. Not the closed system when both sides can develop their pieces silently. Nevertheless GAMBIT-TIGER even here had managed to open the game-to open a hole in black king`s fortress. Not without a help of a doubtful black`s moves. Many strange moves were made in that game. But I was remembering- that GAMBIT-TIGER is named "GAMBIT" and "TIGER"-that means attacking opponents king in any situation is it`s styleJ. Thus instead of winning for white in a more fast and simply way. Gambit-TIGER has won finally, but in a longer game. Just making more moves-. Maybe ,because it was seriously searching for nice combinations instead of simple pressing with a pawn and positional advantage possible. All the game GAMBIT was attacking the opponet`s kingside. Thus my humour is proved in reality. Finally GAMBIT was lucky to make opponent making mistakes in that difficult for him defencive game. But it wasn't easy game for GAMBIT. Human could have made a draw for black. And I doubt if those persistent attacks are good style for GAMBIT. It is making another mistakes while busy with one attack. But…such is a program. Interesting for audience to watch such attacking chess. This time Gambit was lucky. MCHESS was still solid in this game and managed to create long defence. Also the game went till endgame. But some bad counting from MCHESS and lost endgame instead of a draw that seemed possible. And GAMBIT-TIGER was awarded for it`s nice to watch attacking chess! The only game from those 3 when the draw was seen, but White was lucky. Well as it happens in sport.

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Marijus Kulvietis: Dear Andrey, Your favorite program HIARCS had won this time and it`s abuser Chessmaster scored a draw.

GM Andrei Kharlov: That`s right. HIARCS had won. But anyway the general impression remains surprising for me.

I cant say I liked the game of HIARCS even when it had won this time. Not that program we have used to analyse in our preparations, analysis….Choosing doubtful opening moves, not solid moves already from the beginning. Black simply were not careful this time and HIARCS used it. Nothing amazing was happening on the board. Simply using not correct opponents decisions. Hiarcs has used weak kingside pawns and had caught the moment when it was possible to attack black`s king till it`s deathJ Finally going to an endgame with 2 pawns. Sure win.

As we see-CHESSMASTER stands in a good table position. Nice-I don't want to say HIARCS is strong-CHESSMASTER weak… Nothing like that-we see the results in this tournament. Just I admire CHESSMASTER as simply nice program which is more to give chessfiesta for any chessamateur. It has beautiful design, many interesting features. Good to train "youngsters" with the help of Chessmaster-easy to attract children. Those "Personalities" created in it with different ratings and levels. Possibility to play a tournament, teachers corner, chess puzzles, chess lessons for different levels. I see this program as a nice Chesstutor. While HIARCS cant bring much joy for a weaker amateur. It is made more for a difficult job of a professional players. Strong, solid game-good analysis, no such childish tricks as in Chessmaster. Just different programs. But HIARCS is used by many elite Grandmasters as a very interesting and strong program. That`s why I imagined those programs cant be equal in a duel. HIARCS lost game was a surprise for me. Well-of course I say bravo for Chessmaster. It was also a good chessprogram as a chesstutor for me. Now I see it can beat the strongest rivals in a computer tournaments as well

Marijus Kulvietis: Lets see other games.

GM B.Annakov: SCHREDDER 4- GROMIT 1/2-1/2
Both programs standing in the middle of the table. Started their game with a more sharper Sicilian. Cant say anything bad. Really no bigger mistakes in an opening and middlegame. Rather solid perfomance from both sides. And the game was rather long and equal. Endgame rather drawish with some chances for whites maybe,but it was very equal duel and draw was a very logic result. I doubt if any of those program was thinking or still thinking about prize place-but their game was at a good level.

Again sicilian opening. But no draw this time. White had attacked with it`s pawns on a kingside vs black king castled short. While Black had to attack white king castled long. Such race- who will succeed to attack first is very usual in a similar Sicilian opening games of this variation. But I cant understand-when race was going and pawns were going from both sides-black had made one move not pushing their pawn/15…-.Qb7 instead of b4/-loosing attack tempo and perhaps it was a mistake. Step by step black had made more doubtful moves which are so important in this sharp Sicilian game when every mistake can cost a game. And it costJ Wchess had managed to survive till the endgame. But they have went to the endgame with many weaknesses. Gandalf had used all advantages, looked more solid and counted all endgame`s possibilities very well. Deserved win for Gandalf.

Very important win for NIMZO which is definitely fighting for a highest place. And the game which has started as normal Queens gambit- soon turned to a very sharp and extremely difficult to understand and predict battle. Very open risky from both sides. Maybe it was the indicator of the style of the both rivals/?/. Very many doubtful moves, which are difficult to comment and analyze. Very wilde tactics. It was a surprise as the leaders prefer more careful game. But this was another caseJ If I would see such game in a tournament among live players I would say: Wow-what is this. How sharp-I cant predict and understand the moves. What an open tactics. How brave those people are.J Well-white have started as giving the material for a dead threats and attacks. Finally they have realized their attacks till the dead threats and black had to trade and sac in order to survive. But that led to the endgame where white had left with a minor piece advantage and that was enough to realize a victory.

Marijus Kulvietis: NIMZO is a sharp program. Playing active chess. Was a similar picture in the game of other leaders?

IM Oleg Krivonosov: JUNIOR-DEEP FRITZ 1/2-1/2
We see already a peaceful result. We also know that both programs are very similar. As Junior is as a double brother program of Fritz. For me it is the same program. Long Spanish game with h3-Nb8 is my opening for black. I use it in my games sometimes. Such was the opening in the game. Surely both programs have played theory long and carefully. But after the opening white played more then strange. I think they had to loose. Anyway-I would love to get such positions as FRITZ have got in this Spanish game. Another thing -that black were not able To realize their chances. I guess I would win for black. But brothers are brothers and FRITZ has made a draw with JUNIOR…. I wouldn'tJ Even when the pawn advantage was left at the same flang-Karpov was winning such endgames. Seems FRITZ is not KARPOVJ Still.

Clear favorite of this tournament SHREDDER had beaten PATZER and had clearly put itself on a very comfortable table place. PATZER was showing a good game and standing well against strongest and famous programs. This time no success . The game in short- Very early running out of book, But this harmed to PATZER making castle to an attack place and without an important prevent move/h6/ Such early mistake caused white`s style and tactics- creating fast attack on a dangerous black`s kingside. PATZER at least had survived and after good defence managed to turn the game to the rather peaceful endgame. I thought- draw was possible here. The final result was decided at the emotional endgame, that was rather interesting and fine to watch. White were first to queens with the only pawn. While black haven't manage to use none of their 3 pawns. But I can say: Fine game by SHREDDER 5-indicating -it deserves the name of a favorite. Good game by PATZER- who haven't made terrible mistakes and have lost in a very equal and difficult long battle.

Marijus Kulvietis: THANKS. Very tough and interesting games this round-I hope the same will be possible to watch in the next round n7. Nice event-really interesting fights!

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 1. SHREDDER5             PATZER311B            1-0

 2. JUNIOR6A              DEEP FRITZ            ½:½

 3. NIMZO8                CRAFTY 18.7           1-0

 4. GAMBIT-TIGER2.0       MCHESS8               1-0

 5. ZCHESS 2.2            CHESSMASTER8000 1.0.2 ½:½

 6. REBEL-CENTURY3        YACE 0.99.09          1-0

 7. GANDALF432H           WCHESS2000            1-0

 8. SHREDDER4 CHESSBITS   GROMIT 3.8.1          ½:½

 9. REBEL-TIGER14         GENIUS6.5 CZUB-STYLE  1-0

10. HIARCS7.01            LITTLE-GOLIATH2000V3  1-0

11. CHESS SYSTEM TAL2.03  ZARKOV4.5R            ½:½

12. SOCRATES X            COMET B35             1:0

13. VIRTUAL-CHESS2        EUGEN7.92             1:0

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                       Tournament: Odyssey-2001

Place    Name                           Sco      MBch Buch Ws


   1   SHREDDER5, (1)                   5.0       14   20   4

 2-3   JUNIOR6A, (9)                    4.5       15   21½  3

       NIMZO8, (20)                     4.5       13   20   4

 4-6   DEEP FRITZ, (8)                  4.0       15   22   2

       REBEL-CENTURY3, (10)             4.0       14   22   3

       GAMBIT-TIGER2.0, (2)             4.0       12   18   3

 7-10  PATZER311B, (17)                 3.5       16   24   2

       ZCHESS 2.2, (12)                 3.5       12½  16½  2

       CHESSMASTER8000 1.0.2., (6)      3.5       12   17   3

       GANDALF432H, (11)                3.5        9   14½  3

11-16  CRAFTY 18.7, (19)                3.0       14   21   2

       MCHESS8, (23)                    3.0       13½  19½  2

       YACE LEIDEN, (24)                3.0       12   17½  2

       GROMIT 3.8.1, (26)               3.0       11½  18   2

       HIARCS7.01, (4)                  3.0       10½  14½  2

       REBEL-TIGER14, (3)               3.0        9½  14   2

17-21  WCHESS2000, (15)                 2.5       12½  19   1

       ZARKOV4.5R, (13)                 2.5       11   17   1

       CHESS SYSTEM TAL2.03, (14)       2.5       10   16½  1

       SHREDDER4 CHESSBITS, (5)         2.5        9½  14   0

       VIRTUAL-CHESS2, (7)              2.5        9   14   2

22-23  GENIUS6.5 CZUB-STYLE, (21)       2.0       13½  20   0

       LITTLE-GOLIATH2000V3, (16)       2.0       12   17½  1

24-25  COMET B35, (18)                  1.5       11½  18   1

       SOCRATES X, (22)                 1.5       10   15   1

   26  EUGEN7.92, (25)                  0.5       12   17   0

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