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main whatisnew download strength features shots subscribe reviews FAQ price list phonelistemail list how to order aegon bench database util epd2diagramj. noomen column DIAZ column misc. older topics comp. profile cartoon mode Making a chess program that plays legal chess is one, writing a chess program to play a human-alike chess style is two and third beating world's second best player Vishy Anand makes one wonder if the sky is still higher.

Anyway Ed Schröder founder of REBEL company managed to achieved all of this. It took him 17 years to come that far. Now how to proceed? Can REBEL be made even more stronger?

Of course it can. One of the weak points of computer chess programming is the fact that there are only few good chess programmers in the world and they all have to do the work alone.

Why not solve this weak point first? Why not join forces? Why not share knowledge? Why should top-programmers not share ideas that has made their chess program so strong?

This is exactly the MAIN point of the REBEL-TIGER approach!

For this purpose REBEL programmer Ed Schröder and CHESS-TIGER programmer Christophe Théron joined forces a few months ago. Already now it's crystal clear that both programs will benefit from this approach as the first results are very promising.

About Chess Tiger

Christophe Théron author of CHESS-TIGER started chess programming at the age of 17 in 1982. Like Ed Schröder Christophe started with his chess program on the good old TRS-80 1.77 Mhz because in these days this was the only available Personal Computer.

Today CHESS-TIGER is a super strong chess program that especially excels in playing other computer opponents. For an impression of CHESS-TIGER's current playing strength check the REBEL-TIGER results page. You will notice the current CHESS-TIGER easily can compete against the world's strongest PC chess programs.

Goals of the cooperation

  • Include REBEL's strong points into CHESS-TIGER. The result: an even stronger CHESS-TIGER.
  • Include CHESS-TIGER's strong points into REBEL. The result: more playing strength for REBEL.
  • Develop a smart algorithm (kind of referee) that decides which engine will be used for the current board position. The result: an even higher quality of moves (games).
  • Release CHESS-TIGER as a stand-alone version in the REBEL outlook.


We expect the cooperation between two leading chess programmers will make both REBEL as CHESS-TIGER much stronger chess players. The expectations are high. The idea itself (to combine 17 and 16 years individual chess programming ideas) is estimated to have a potential of at least 100-150 elo points progress.

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