approximately 2300-2500 ELO - Size 2.6 Mb

Rebel Decade 3.0
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Rebel Decade 3.0 (download via USA)
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Note: Does NOT work with Windows XP !

 After the download is finished unzip REBDEC30.ZIP into a new directory (use include sub-folders!) and start the program with REBEL.EXE


  • W4 limit Rebel's hash table size to 4 Mb (full info in the README file) to avoid Windows swapping.
  • V use this in case you have an older graphical card (adapter) and face some problems because of that.

How to get the real REBEL's.

REBEL CENTURY 4.0 MEGA is the latest master piece of top chess programmer Ed Schroder and is recognized by many people as the most human alike chess playing program of all.

Rebel Century 4 MEGA comes with a giant database of 1,500,000 chess games representing the complete history of 300 years of Chess and a giant opening book (chess tree) of 55,000,000 positions. More ...
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GANDALF5 + Rebel Century 4 is a package of 2 top chess programs. GANDALF named after the wizard of Tolkien's timeless mythic masterpiece "The Lord of Rings" is like Rebel a very strong and human-like chess opponent.

Gandalf5 runs under a smooth Office alike Windows Interface. More ...
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$ 54.74 (incl. 19% VAT)

Send by priority mail
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Rebel Decade 3.0 and FRIDAY

It is adviced not to make experiments to get the chess engine to play on its strongest all day of the week on the risk Rebel Decade 3.0 will get confused and will not switch on friday's to the REAL Rebel 10 chess engine. In case it happens anyway, just re-install the program.

Copyright notice Rebel Decade 3.0

The REBEL DECADE 3.0 software (although distributed as freeware) is the exclusive property of the Schröder BV and is protected by Dutch and International law. You are prohibited from transferring this product in any way or form whatsoever. It is forbidden to change, split, sell, disassemble or produce any changed form of this product without the written permission of Schröder BV.

The manual in WINHELP format

Rebel Decade 3.0 manual (Winhelp) (100 Kb)

Rebel Decade 3.0 manual (Winhelp) (740 Kb) (including pictures)

To run the application just double click on the unzipped REBEL10E.HLP file.

Rebel Decade 3.0 patch   

If your copy of Rebel Decade 3.0 refuses to play on its strongest settings on friday's it is suggested to download and install this patch file.

Unzip the DECPATCH.ZIP file in your installed Rebel Decade 3.0 directory.

New is that Rebel Decade 3.0 on friday's will display a different welcome screen than on the other days of the week so you will know you are playing against the real REBEL 10.

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