- REBEL engine for EPD2diag -

As a follow-up on the special REBEL10 chess engine running on the ROSYSTEM server and also used by LOST BOYS on important grandmaster tournaments for live analysis a special Rebel Decade 2.0 engine module is available for the EPD2diag program also downloadable from the Rebel Home Page.

What is a REBEL chess engine?
A chess engine is the heart of a chess program, the part that makes a computer play chess. The Rebel Decade 2.0 chess engine for EPD2diag is free downloadable (see below)

What is supported in the engine?
  • Analyze current board position.
  • Analyze a complete game. (Rebel10 alike)
  • Analyze selected moves from a game.

How does the engine communicate?
The Rebel Decade 2.0 chess engine communicates with EPD2diag via standard PGN and/or EPD format. The Rebel Decade 2.0 analysis process can be viewed and watched within EPD2diag. The analysis results of the engine can be saved too.

What is EPD2diag ?
EPD2diag is an EPD viewer/editor utility. The following are some of the most important features of the program:
  • Paste (import) EPD lines from clipboard
  • Copy board position as bitmap to the clipboard.
  • Copy board position as HTML table to clipboard.
  • Copy board position in PGN format to clipboard.
  • Copy board position in RTF format (using true-type fonts) to clipboard.
  • Save board bosition as bitmap in BMP or GIF format.
  • Save board position in RTF format (using true-type fonts)
  • Create/change board positions with buildin board position editor.
  • Support external chess programs for analysing the actual shown position
    (Crafty, Rebel 9, Rebel10 and the Rebel engines are directly supported)
  • Add Rebel 10 / Rebel engine analysis result to EPD line.
  • Analyze complete EPD sets at your preferred time level.

System requirements
  • CPU 80386 or higher.
  • Internal memory at least 4 Mb.
  • Windows 95.
  • EPD2diag program version 1.4 or higher.
  • EPD2diag engine.

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