- REBEL10 for EPD2diag & Ectool -

As a follow-up on the special REBEL10 chess engine running on the ROSYSTEM server and also used by LOST BOYS on important grandmaster tournaments for live analysis this special REBEL10 chess engine module is available for ECTOOL and EPD2diag.

What is a REBEL10 chess engine?
A chess engine is the heart of a chess program, the part that makes a computer play chess. The REBEL10 chess engine is commercially available as an analysis module for EPD2diag and ECTOOL but is FREE! for REBEL10 customers who have subscribed.

What is supported in the engine?
  • Analyze current board position.
  • Analyze a complete game. (Rebel10 alike)
  • Analyze selected moves from a game.

How does the engine communicate?
The REBEL10 chess engine communicates with ECTOOL and EPD2diag via standard PGN and/or EPD format. The REBEL10 analysis process can be viewed and watched within ECTOOL and EPD2diag. The analysis results of the engine can be saved too.

Why analyze with REBEL10?
  • REBEL is known for its playing strength but especially for its deep positional understanding. Therefore the quality of the returned analysis is simply high and mostly very reliable.
  • The difference in ELO strength between the free Rebel Decade 2.0 and the commercial REBEL10 is estimated at 200-250 ELO points in favor of REBEL10.
  • You might consider to try the free Rebel Decade 2.0 engine first with EPD2diag and/or ECTOOL before purchasing the REBEL10 engine as the main difference between the Decade engine and the REBEL10 engine is the playing strength difference of 200-250 ELO points.
  • The REBEL10 engine is available from the ECTOOL site for $24.95.

System requirements
  • CPU 80386 or higher.
  • Internal memory at least 4 Mb.
  • Windows 95.
  • EPD2diag program version 1.3a or higher OR
  • ECTOOL program version 4.0 or higher.
  • Corresponding REBEL10 engine.

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